[Suggestion][Plea][PvP][PvE] We need more defensive devices and structures, Please

We need more concealable traps and other defensive items .

For PvP these items would help smaller clans and in someways solos (we don’t do alot of large structures most times as a rule) defend against larger clans and help with combating offlining. For PvE this would help against purges and add flavor as well add in killing some of the tougher npcs.

Right now all we really have are weak AI thralls and beasts and traps you can see from several feet (meters) away and thus are largely useless and addition they damage your own structures when triggered. Hot oil is glitchy and not suitable for offline defense. Avatar defense bubbles are nice, but bombs just still easily melt structures.

Alright possible defensive devices and/or structures:

Concealable traps of many varieties with some that will not damage your structures. Example of this would be springing spike traps or snare nets with spikes and needles embedded in them to injure and cripple raiders.

False floors would be a great addition and would require a repair hammer to notice them close up , thus allow all sorts of bait trapping and cellblocking options beyond the ones we have now that easily defeated by bombs once again.

Armored plates for foundation AND walls that mitigate damage. These plates and coverings could include iron, steel, hardened steel, star metal, etc metal plates. Other coatings could include cold barrier plates provided by Ymir religion that are highly resistant to fire and if thick enough bombs as well.

False walls that break away causing a climber to fail like they encountered a fence spike with the added benefit of not being easily detectable until it was too late.

Slime covering for openings and walls (will make the walls unclimbable until washed away by orbs or other non-weather related liquid (water) sources that on the ground can be covered by planks by players with landclaim that can be removed when needed. This slime is non-flammable and will require several water orbs to remove completely and the slime will still run down requiring players to avoid it lest they will slip around like on grease and oil.

Pet pens that open upon a player coming within close attack range that are sealed against gas.

Pressurized sand and glass traps that blast along lines and up to bleed and damage players and can be coated with poison for added debuffing. This trap as with all traps suggesting in this post are concealable and would require close inspection with a repair hammer to detect and can not be disarmed.

Seals able to be applied to and around the inside of structures that prevent gas from flowing inside rooms from the outside.

Pet armored masks as well was horse armored masks that filter out gas .

Covers that can be added to all helms and pet/mount armor that will add the mask effect against gas.

Not a defensive item per se but defensive in nature: Item bags left on the ground MUST be either picked up or the system will decay it as normal depending on server settings. What this does it require the player to either take items from a raid or leave them on the ground to be picked back up by others until the system removes them through decay. Maybe another item could be added the game like a bonfire for burning loot that takes time to burn the items completely up and requires fuel to do it, this still allows players time to retrieve any left behind loot by raiders.

Understand that these ideas are not aimed at making a base “unraidable” they instead would require raiders to be wary and mindful of attempting to attack defensive structures. Raiders have many options to siege and raze structures while defense options are very few and far between.

Contrary to some players views , base and fortress structures are not meant to be minor obstructions on your way to treasure vaults and player/npc goody bags. As it stands now bases and defensive structures are merely piñatas or piggy banks to smashed easily and be looted usually by raiders “raiding” while the structure owners are offline (ie. offlining).

I welcome any respectful questions and respectful comments about these suggested defensive items and or mechanics.


To add to some of the above, and in notation to the up coming Age of Sorcery, damaging or debilitating glyphs may be a good addition. That nasty glowing skull paint on the floor? Yeah, it’s damaging terrain, or it inflicts corruption, or it applies sunder, ect… Or it’s just a decoration.

The idea of having an active build hammer to know if something is trapped or not is a lovely touch

While this one would love deadfall traps that then block an area, that’s probably outside of the current options.
But at least having the traps we already find in dungeons would be nice.


Excellent ideas ! Didn’t suggest Sorcery ideas as I didn’t know if they should be in 3.0 feedback posts only, but still excellent Sorcery ideas.

Thank you. I thought of this as a risk option in that the repair hammer is not a good weapon and would require you to re-wield your weapon to combat on coming threats. It is similar to the risk though less so to climbing up or down to possibly hostile areas.

Dungeon style traps would nice and pitfalls could done in the game with the false walls/floors and placing spikes underneath or behind.


Most of your ideas are okay and have very little (if anything) to do with PvE, which is a good thing. However, this one particular idea you mentioned, would have horrible consequences for both PvP & PvE.

Imagine if you took the world’s trash cans away, how long would it take before most cities became overwhelmed with litter? I realize that you specified adding bonfires but when we are out looting NPC camps we often get overburdened and decide to toss a few things on the ground, making room for more valuable stuff, nobody is going to build a bonfire to burn their trash. Additionally dead NPCs turn into loot bags when they are not harvest and looted. The entire map would turn into a cesspool of garbage. If you just increased the timer from 1 minute (or whatever it is currently) to 1 hour, this might be tolerable, but it wouldn’t be long enough to help you recover your stuff from a raid. The longer the timer, the more trash will build up in the world. This is just my take on it from a PvE perspective.


Point taken. The PvE impact on this was mostly for purge defense when players are offline.

Suggestion for the issue of bags left in npc controlled areas decay as they do now. Loot removed from another non clan member’s landclaim would have the decay requirement suggested.

This suggestion as made in regards to “popcorning” players items from a raid and then wacking the bag on the ground with a tool or weapon to make all the items in the bag and the bag to magically and instantly (sometimes takes two or three wacks) disappear.

This is highly unrealistic and removes one of the fundamental choice risks or raiding which is what to take ( and risk unencumbering and being attacked by a defender or other player outside of your raid group) and what to leave that could be potentially recovered by defenders or looted by others after the raiders leave (scavengers). Spoils of a raid should not be “poofable” so easily after a raid and should need to be considered before , during , and after the raid.

If the bags only took on the player’s decay timer on the player’s land claim that would be infinitely better, but still very annoying to deal with having to burn all my own trash. It is my opinion that a raider should have the ability to make your loot bags disappear if they choose to. Raiders would often raze villages after pillaging them, specifically to prevent the residents from regaining a foothold there. I think loot bag timers should be left alone.

Perhaps a better solution would be to fix the bug that allows loot bags to de-spawn when hit with a tool. However, popcorn or no popcorn, what the raiders do with your loot after they’ve defeated you is their choice and throwing the loot on the ground should remain an option.


Agreed. That would be really the best solution to the “popcorning” issue. Good idea.

They may throw it on the ground, but the only way to destroy fast, maybe, depending on the amount, would be to burn it in a large fire outside of opponent’s landclaim. But the risk would still be there as they would have to remain there until the loot is burned or the system despawns it on its own timer or again risk someone coming by and picking it back up.

Raiders want to smash and grab, they have to grab.

More defenses would make building more interesting and as a raider and pvper it would also make raiding a base more fun and interesting. As of now all bases are dirt simple to crack to the point that at many times it is boring to raid a base especially if the player(s) are not online to fight from within.

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