Future Potential

Dear Funcom,
I have played exiles since day one of the game. I love the direction the game is going in . and i feel that you as a company have been listening to our feed back. thank you. however , i feel that going forward the game should focus a great deal more on defense. ill explain what i mean. in the grand scheme of things. you should have more ways , traps , methods, more competant defense thralls. that give you more options to defend your base with. further more , i think the only way you should be able to attack tier 2 and 3 walls is with siege weapons. make it more realistic that way too. as it currently is. most people wait till you log off , and blow up your walls by placing explosive jar , and blowing them up . rinse and repeat. i think attacking bases should be a bit more difficult and maybe some kind of offline protection would help balance this as well. in any case im sure you guys will figure it out in the future. I have been watching Joel on the dev streams and honestly that guy gives me hope that this game is going to keep improving even beyond the release date. praise Kromm


Agree. There needs to be more ways of providing defense, rather than just layering on additional structures.

Yeah there should be an option to limit building damage to certain hours so you don’t get wiped when you sleep or work. Oh wait…

Building damage times are nice, but an offline raid protection option would be a good compromise. Increase building resistances for logged-out players/clans up to X%. Make it uneconomical to hit clans offline. On top of that, delay the ORP for thirty minutes or so after the last clan member logs out.

This approach has been used in other open-world survival games to varying degrees of success.


I feel like direct Offline raid protection would damage the gameplay. The game should be about game functions — not about waiting for another player to log in in order to raid them.

Instead, the OP brings this up:

… more ways, traps, methods, more competent defense thralls, that give you options to defend your base with …

And I think he’s exactly right. Adding more methods that don’t rely on the player to be online would help this problem greatly.

I think the second layer of defense was intended to be defensive thralls. Currently defensive thralls are terrible, and so far players have been able to just shoot them with bows. Defensive thralls are currently super weak and easily exploitable, and players are punished by other players for even wasting the time to train them. They might serve a purpose for the Purge, but they will still serve little purpose in PvP.

I’ve been advocating for a ‘morale’ system for thralls, which I hope the devs pick up on. Your thralls should respawn, so long as you have gold, food, and other luxuries. If your thralls are repeatedly killed by other players, then your morale should plummet, until eventually your thralls do not come back.

Raids should become sieges — drawn out, entrenched assaults on an enemy base. Kills the thralls, barrage the walls, and fight the thralls inside until eventually these mercenaries flee, leaving behind the base for the victors to pillage.

Respawning thralls would give training fighter thralls more importance. When you train a fighter thrall, you shouldn’t just be getting another alarm system. You should be recruiting a capable warrior who you pledge to provide a livelihood for so long as they provide you with defense in return.


I think the future of the game, at least in official servers, will be in keeping the game fresh. There needs to be some form of timeline where the world comes to an end or the exiled lands has some sort of cleansing and then resets. The 40-70 man server will lose players over time and stagnate. Players will lose interest in the current predicament or community in a server and look for another server, or stop playing all together.

For those that like to keep everything for eternity, there is always the solo game or pve servers that could be used in this way. PvP needs fresh starts that are staggered and scheduled to create a place for players that are getting bored to go and explore new conquests with new players to contend with.

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You mean servers with like x10 xp and x10 harvest that resets every 2h? With no respawning resources, NPCs or players themselves. That has some sort of point system or at the very least player kill counter. With players starting next to map device having all monoliths avaiable.
Yeah I’d play the ■■■■ out of that one tbh :smile:

But really we need any sort of renown/fame system. PvP kills, PvE kills, deaths, building etc. This would spark the competitive spirit in people and maybe limit naked respawning base defenders.

I agree, defense is arguably very weak in this game. The best form of defense in this game was hidden bases in glitched spots which were still accessible but hard to raid, however these are pretty much gone now with the new update coming out except for a small handful of spots. Traps are fairly easy to avoid and does not punish players hard enough when being killed off by them as they will just run back to their dead bodies.

I think building materials may require a reduction in costs again or add in further defensive items such as a pitfall trap perhaps that makes you instantly die and makes your body unrecoverable. This is all based on my personal experience so far in Official PvP fast servers.

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I wouldn’t want sped up experience or harvest personally. A hand full of Blitz servers that never pick up popularity because they are slapped in without anyone knowing about them doesn’t work either.

I do like the idea of a reputation system that is lost upon death or gained with killing NPC’s and players. Spawning back and dying over and over would kill your rep and would make a major downfall to that tactic of raiding over and over with bedrolls. I’m glad they are making it where you can only have one bedroll at a time making it take a minute to remake a bed before running back to the raid.

I hope they put in a bounty system with this silver and gold coming to the game as well.

I have a feeling they will be balancing a lot of raiding, combat, and resources in the game before release.

I definitely agree that we need some sort of penalty for dying, especially given the new bedroll changes.

I’d like to see corruption revamped, and introduced as a penalty for a number of things. But corruption should also slightly be reduced over time. That way, new players who accidentally explore corrupted places won’t be so badly crippled!

Dying should then give you a little bit of corruption. Not a lot, but if you repeatedly keep dying then you should start to really stack up corruption.

Some general figures: 10% corruption on death, takes 10 minutes to recover.

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Can you specify what you mean? Do you want the mechanics to initiate a bounty on a player because of their actions, ala APB:Reloaded?
Do you want players to pay an NPC to initiate a bounty, paid out automatically into their inventory from the ether? If not, then the developers would have to add ears/teeth/bracelets from player corpses. What can be done to prevent exploitation of such a mechanic?
How will the system track a bounty? By character name, or Steam account?

Why not just promote what is currently done in game? Players put out hits on their enemies all the time, paid out of their own pocket; some server admins manage bounty programs on their private servers as well using current mechanics.

There would have to be a unique identifier that drops from a player whether it is a head or teeth or ears. If there was a bounty board with listings of bounties payed to an NPC that you can collect by turning in this identifier, it would make things much smoother. This same system could work with a player if there was an identifier that a player could tell who the identifier belonged to. There could even be both methods in the game. I usually stick to broad ideas and let the developers decide if there is something they want to run with.

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While the bedroll changes may seem good from a PvP perspective, I don’t like how it takes away from the base building asthetic. Sometimes you want multiple bedrolls placed around just for looks, and not for spawning.

I also don’t like the idea of beds automatically binding you when you place them. If I’m placing beds around a different base, I want to still be able to retain my old spawn point in another location without having to run back there first.

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I think auto-binding is for bedrolls and you still can choose to spawn at your bed.

Nope, definitely for beds too:

You also bind automatically to beds and bedrolls when placing them.

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Looks like they will need to add some ornamental beds that can be replaced if someone wants to spawn there.

They’ve talked about adding in spawn options for after you die, where you can choose:

  1. Spawn at your bedroll
  2. Spawn at your bed
  3. Spawn at the desert

But they spoke about this as a “maybe”. But this would resolve your issue of not wanting to spawn at your new base, and wanting to keep bedrolls as special decoratives.

The insta-binding is to help new players. Some players don’t really know that they need to bind after placing a bed.

That would only solve the issue if they cut the new code changes in addition to adding the spawn choices.

They could easily let you choose which place to spawn while preserving the “only 1 bedroll” and “every placed bed object auto-binds as spawn point”.

I can understand why they are making these changes, I just don’t like how when helping some people, you hurt others.

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Ornamental beds would fix the problem. I agree in that helping PvP usually disrupts the PvE or RPers. I wish developers would make a game and just announce it as a PvP game or a solo game or a Co-op or a PvE/RP game. I wish they would cater to one group.

I’m a PvPer but I like immersion with games also, so ornamental beds would still be a good thing. So many games for me have been ruined by the voiced of the Solo gamers or PvEers in the past. Developers try to make it more carebare and ruin the whole experience in the end.

Personally, I think this game leans so hard on the side of PvP that I don’t understand why PvEers play it. So many other games to choose from for PvE and Solo.