Is this intended? 7 Demon-fire Orbs to break 1 Star Metal

Playing on console, official PvE server. I’m directly on top of a star metal node. The node is in a completely flat area, no slope or curvature.

I throw the orb via R2 (Special Attack) so it breaks on impact. I wait for the full duration of said orb, and throw another. Repeat.

It took 7 orbs to break it, whereas others have taken 2 orbs or 3 orbs.

What’s the deal?

Is it the one down from ice ledge? (ice shelf) (ore) (ice shelf)

2 of them, 1 that at angle, and another on semi-flat ground near forest, that do this. they take several explosive jars, arrows, orbs to break open.

Rest of them break with 1 explosive jar, But those 2, each time they fall, just will not break with out over use of explosives. (which is weird, since they hit enemies thru walls that are stuck during purges…)

Its sounds Ike a bug, but you can use one fire orb and 3 to 5 oil orbs, much easier to make.

The star metal meteors are bugged. Always. Me and a friend once wasted 10 jars on one.

Protip: try using 4 gas orbs, then one demonfire orb. Using gas seems to require less precision on where it hits, probably due to AOE or something.

Tar and Explosive arrows. Or tar orbs and demonfire orb. Gas orb, tar orb and demonfire orb. Gas arrow tar arrow, explosive arrow.

Longer lasting fire with Tar. Tar is magic!

By “tar orb”, do you mean grease orbs? Or is this something I haven’t unlocked? (Note that the latter is entirely possible.)

Tar orb = grease orb. They call it tar orb because you use tar to make it. First fire orb should remove 2 shells from the meteor and the second one break it.

If a fire orb doesn’t cause cracks to appear or brighten then give up and find another one to break. That way you don’t waste orbs.

That grease orbs are called tar orbs by some people may have to do with the translation into other languages. If you translated the German version back into English, then it would be a tar orb.
The direct translation of grease orb into German would sound strange to us Germans (at least to me it would :wink: )

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