Lets talk about Meteors

Is there any plan to fix the fact that the majority of meteors in the frozen north end up being bugged and take no damage?

I’ve wasted 100s of grease orbs and demon fire orbs to watch a meteor take no damage at all. No cracks show up. Nothing. I now will hit a meteor with a grease and fire orb and see it takes no damage and just ignore it. When this first started occurring I wasted several orbs on one unbreakable meteor.

Grease orbs are cheap and easy to acquire but demon fire orbs, especially after the volatile gland drop rates were nerfed are not.

It’s hard to base your tools on star metal when the majority of meteors are unable to be harvested. Not to mention making/fixing Silent Legion armor.

I don’t know if this is a game wide issue or just isolated to PS4 or if this issue is ever going to be fixed.


gas orbs and fire orbs are how my clan goes about it 3 gas to one fire and done

While effective, it doesn’t change the bugged meteors. I’ve used both mentioned methods and the jar bomb to mixed results. I’ve wasted soooo many mats on star metal. I’m seeing a lot more meteors and less in stupid unreachable spots, but I’m guessing that also has to do with less people bothering to mine them. It really is a pain.

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That’s how it’s supposed to work, correct. Actually sometimes it only takes 2 grease.

However, most of the time I’m running into meteors that don’t even show any cracking after 1 gas and 1 fire orb. Which means, you ain’t breaking the meteor regardless of how many orbs you throw at it.

That is the problem I’m bringing up in this thread.

Same here.

I almost don’t want to even bother with the meteors just laying on a big flat open space anymore just thinking in my head “someone else had to have tried this one and it just didn’t break.” I don’t listen to my intuition and try anyways and shockingly, it doesn’t show any cracking after 1 grease and 1 fire.

I agree 100%. If it doesn’t show cracking on first hit its not gonna break. Also… I’ve had issues with them taking more than what normally would open them. Yesterday I had a grease orb/fire bomb combo fizzle in 6 seconds when its usually safe to wait at least 12 before throwing the next grease orb. Also, it only took 2 more grease to open it on second try but previous meteor took close to 11. Its bang your head against wall with those.

So I’ve come to the conclusion with this last patch, the bug fix to prevent people out of hours raiding was just to prevent bombs from doing ANY damage when it’s not raid hours. I went to a rock at 4:55Pm just before raid hours set off a bomb, didnt crack. Right at 5 set off another and boom cracks instantly. It wasn’t that the first bomb did some damage and the next one finished it, it didn’t show any blue cracks like it would if you did some damage. So it was kind of a half-assed fix to prevent the issue. I have no problem using a single bomb to get some starmetal. But this made me waste a couple the day before thinking they were bugged when they really aren’t.

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You are saying meteors open only in raid hours? What if raids are not enabled?

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I will ask the players on the Elysium server. maybe this is something they have encountered and have not said anything. that is a pve server w/o raid times

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