Unbreakable star metal node


Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

On official server 1522, at location -151,604 -193,001 -314, there is a star metal node that just will not break.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to the indicated area and stand right next to the meteor, aiming right at the center of the top of it.
  2. Fire 5-6 oil orbs.
  3. Fire 1 fire orb.
  4. Stand back. Throw another oil orb every 20 seconds for as long as you like, it won’t change. No cracks will appear in the rock.


welcome to conan lmao, thats happened for over a year now


Some meteors are bugged and will not break no matter what.
Just move onto the next one and it will de-spawn with next meteor shower.


They WILL break, but it’s not cost effective to try. I think it took somewhere in the vicinity of 50+ explosive jars for me to damage it enough to break. I was admin spawning them by that point, just trying to see how much it took.

I think someone moved a decimal on that particular meteor’s HP or armor value…


50 bombs for 1 meteor RIP.

That meteor shell must of been made from Adamantium!


What i saw was that on the one that i was trying to break no cracks appeared at my first salvo of grease orbs. I ran out of render distance and ran back. When i tried the second time the cracks were showing immediately and it behaved like a normal meteor. Maybe that was the case for you guys as well ?


I use to throw first 1 oil orb then one fire orb to ignite it, then 1 oil orb to keep the fire every 20 seconds, total 4-6 oil orbs.
But its correct that some meteors wont crack, normally you see signs of cracking after first ignite with fireorb.
I think i had the most problem with the meteors that are on the left side below the temple of frost. It has been like this since a year yes.
I have 2 questions to Funcom:

  1. Maybe its intended that someone cant be cracked open or takes a lot of orbs to crack?
    2.Some are bugged, will we get a fix?


I will try this, can someone else confirm that this works?


It didn’t for me.


Sadly I cannot.
Already tried to do the same over the last 2 weeks, but it never worked for me.