Some star metal nodes are still not breakable

I read in the patch notes that this has been fixed. In some cases it is, and the node is as breakable as originally intended. But some I can’t even scratch, no matter how many orbs I throw. The two unbreakable ones I’ve run into so far are at D13, not too far from the Frozen Slope icon.

I noticed this as well and have been thinking about it a bit. Is it possible those unbreakable nodes were carry over from before the patch? I notice my nodes last a good day or two. Possibly the fix only applies to newly created nodes. Today, I had all my nodes break with just one jar.

@Fortyniners The above is very likely, I know that it applies to other fixes in the past too (thralls, building pieces). I would wait a little longer with these and then report their location with a (somewhat wide) screenshot and if possible the time they spawned at, if they are still not working.

I’ve noticed this too on official pve 1013, it is nodes in specific locations that cannot be broken and it doesn’t matter if they are newly spawned after the patch - They are still unbreakable, also on a side note, it seems like meteor showers have become a rare event on our server + each shower seems to have slightly less meteors now.

We have been popping them for a week no north of the mounds.
5 grease orbs, 1 fire orb, they pop in seconds.

Hey there,

We are aware of some issues regarding some star metal nodes being impossible to gather. We’ve sent the information to our devs.
Thanks for the feedback!


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