Fixing Star Metal nodes

It is not uncommon to have meteor showers (this is on the original map) where half the nodes are simply unbreakable. It doesn’t matter how many explosives you use, the meteor shell never “cracks”. Either the game is giving it some impossibly high health value, or the client thinks it’s “there” but the server thinks it’s under the mesh or some weirdness where the explosion never actually hits the object.

This has been a thing for years now, and it would be nice if it was actually addressed.

You are probably going to hate me, but on PC with mods even I have almost no issues using explosives to crack star metal nodes. I happened across one a while back and was surprised.

I then went on to harvest three other nodes.

It’s rare when I don’t encounter at least one node which can’t be broken. I play on Xbox, but I’ve seen people on other platforms talk about this as well. It’s been a long-standing problem.

Its about 25% for me that can’t be broken. I’m wondering if its some sort of server desync.

Had nodes that took almost a full stack of demon fire orbs to crack(was trying to get rid of them to switch to explosive arrows). Even then I’ve also come across nodes standing up to several explosive arrows. I’d be a lot more vexed if I wasn’t looking for an excuse to consume dragon powder to free up space.