Unbreakable Star Metal Shells

Star Metal Shells still won’t break occasionally. Tried firing Explosive Arrows at a number of different ranges and there is just that one Star Metal node that refuses to break up so you can mine it.

Yeah, sometimes you have to guess because the hitbox is seriously aside. Very annoying to waste ammo.

Yeah we call them bugged nodes on our server and we leave them alone. Sometimes if you leave the area and come back you will see that the “bugged” starmetal meteor has disappeared.

Yea has happened to me more times than i can count

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Hello @Gazdakka, thank you for your submission!

We’ll be sure to relay this information to the developers.

Few of them are abit to far in ground. So hitting right part of hitbox can be a pain. If you dont break it on 2nd/3rd arrow, might be best to move on.

tier 1 foundation and a jar :slight_smile:

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