Starmetal nodes can’t be opened

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Server1528]

I can’t blow open any star metal shells to get to star metal to mine. I have tried 3 explosive jars, 5 grease /fire orbs… nothing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find starmetal meteor
  2. Use explosives to break shell
  3. She’ll never breaks
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5-6 gas and 1 demonfire seems to work every time for me

1 explosive jar used to work for me. It doesn’t any more.

Kind of makes me wish I was there as i have a lot of gas orbs on my character atm on my singleplayer/coop game.

Hi, Some of them are bugged. Most work fine tho. When you throw a fire orb on it, check if you see the blue cracks in it, if not, do not waste any more resources on it and go to the next one. I have known this bug since I started playing(I play on Official server PVE-C).

I manage to open with one explosion

second one with 2 grease and 2 fire orbs as well.

Later I manage to find 2 more
Brought 2 explosion, 3 grease and 10 fire orbs after the search I manage to spare 5 more orbs.
Not sure what happen though.

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Those photos look like you’re in the desert. Star metal doesn’t spawn in the desert.

The first picture doesn’t (see the contrast between sandstone and the darker rock), and the second looks a bit like snowy mountain lit by the yellow glow of a torch.

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Lol really? guess the fire distort the color and the view.

This right before it crack
and Here

Thank you for opening this discussion my friend had the same issue with some nodes but not all

I uses grease and fire - the shell was gone, but I was not able to harvest the star metal. After a short period of time this node and another one simply vanished. There’s definitively something wrong …

Hmm, I’ll note it down and take it back to the team.
Thanks for the reports.

This has been happening since EA. some nodes will just not open. I throw 3 grease orbs and a fire orb. wait 20 seconds and see if it is really cracking. if so, then throw gas. if not move on, or throw the gas anyways since explosions are fun.

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