Star metal nodes not blowing

Is anyone else having the issue that when you are using gas grenades and then a demon fire. The meteorite casing will not blow off the star metal node?? Just seeing if I am the only one having that issue.

Is the node smoking?

it’s a known issue that if the node is old and about despawn you can’t open it.

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Gas grenades? I use the oil/tar ones, 4 or 5 then the demon fire.

Even then, 1 in 4 will bug out and never break open. I find its more reliable during the day, i think the nightime is too cold ?!?!?

TestLive? Some nodes respawn but only as non-harvestable assets on the MP servers. So if somebody built within range it’s possible they borked the spawn. Usually they won’t be smoking in that condition. This is apt to change via hotfix.

As for ones you can harvest, if you stack a gas on enough tar, you’ll get an explosion and fire that works pretty nearly every time.

+1 cant blow up the star metal on off server -_- fix this please

I had a similar experience. Only I use tar and demonfire…

Could not get the shell to even show signs of cracks.

I confirm this issue, used up 3 explosive jars on a single meteorite to no avail.

There are 2 types on star metal nodes…

Ones that break the casing with you fart on them with minimal effort.

And others that will take x5 more effort to break.

For example a normal node will take 4 gas orbs to break, the stubborn ones will take 20 to break…

explosive jars aren’t that good at breaking the shells are they somehow miss the meteorite with the damage a lot.

I started a really basic investigation of this by attaching components to grounded meteors and the meteor spawner actor. I waited and waited and waited testing in single player and never got any debug spam.

I’m guessing that sometimes the spawner is never created unless you walk into the zone that holds it. I know that can’t always be the case for servers, but seems that way in single player. I think the area that holds the spawner is around the barrows area.

It’s marked as always relevant, so I think once it is ingame it should stick around.

I’ll look at it more tomorrow. Hopefully I can create a mod to temporarily work around the problems till they are fixed properly in a patch.


I have no idea what you just said but I thank you for your time nonetheless. Way to go!

I had to use 20 bombs (4-5 at a time before a fire bomb) on one star metal node, you could see the blue cracking veins but it was not blowing up. I just thought I should keep going to see how many bombs it will take to break it open.

Yea I used 26 on one and it never broke one time. Stubborn!

I learned a bit more. I could never get the spawner to switch on in single player so I put my debug mod on the server I play on. Sat around an hour or so and never got any meteors or any debug output.

So I figured maybe you have to run into range of the spawner. I knew it was down in the barrows somewhere and eventually I flipped it on by being near the northern entrance to the barrows the cimmerians live in. A huge swarm streaked overhead.

I checked my server output and 12 meteors were now on the ground! That seems like a lot. But I wasn’t getting anything from the spawner itself. I’m guessing that means that you can’t attach components to stuff that lives in a map?

Anyway with that many on the ground I knew they would be easy to find. I ran to all the usual spots and found absolutely nothing. I’ve seen this before where you know there must be some around you just can’t see them.

I have a house right next to the northernmost map obelisk, so I mapped to there (a distance of only 100 meters or so), and it sort of forces a load screen and reload of stuff, and there was a meteor right outside my house. I blew it up with a single explosive (all the meteors that fell had 4000 hp) and then went looking for more.

Again I ran all along skysomething ridge and didn’t see any. I got to a spot I knew usually has some, took one last look around, then logged out and in. Soon as I got back in I could see one just up the hill from me. So there’s some sort of problem with them not appearing as you come into range unless there’s a full loadscreen type reload.

I hit that one with a gas / volatile flask combo and the health went down to 2904, then blew it up with an explosive. I haven’t yet run into any that are indestructible with my debug stuff loaded.


So my next test after making some changes to the debug spew, every node is visible so far, even if I go far out of range, die, teleport etc. I’ve been going to them one at a time and blowing them up to see what happens when there are no more.

I’ve noticed that if an explosive rolls away, it does very little damage. They have to go off right next to the meteor to do maximum, even though the fire makes it look like it blew up where you placed it.

Like last time though, I got no meteors until I went north of the cimmerians, then bam 14 appeared.

Now that you mention it, in two separate instances when I saw the meteor shower I was near the entrance to the Barrow King; I didn’t go all the way to check if the meteors were actually on the ground, but that was my location each time I saw them drop. This happened in offline single player, PS4.

Out of the 14 I think I got 9 or 10 and then they all vanished and a new shower came down. I actually saw one hit nearby and went over to it and was able to see it and harvest it no problems.

I did encounter a very difficult meteor this time. I only had explosive jars remaining so I was building foundations and walls to keep them from rolling away. Several explosions right beside or underneath would do no damage. But since I can see the health numbers, I kept trying different locations and eventually found that the opposite side would damage it.

I’m guessing there’s a ray cast between the explosion point and the origin of the meteor, and sometimes they are embedded slightly in the ground so the ray hits the ground before the meteor origin, making the game think the explosion is beyond a hill?

The actual star metal inside the meteors will vanish and not return if you run out of range. I blew up one on the side of a steep incline, and had to run all the way up by the philosopher giant to get back to it, and when I got back it was gone. This is consistent with what I’ve seen in the past.


I don’t remember in which section of the forum it was, but I’ve read that actually the meteor shower is just a visual graphics effect and that that the starmetal nodes just spawn on ground at the same time. Now you mentioned that you saw one actually HIT nearby you. So the meteor shower isn’t just for looks.

When you mention the giant philosopher, you mean the giant who teaches you the Ymir religion, right? I should pay him a new visit and look around.

can confirm - they are actuali hit the ground

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Yeah me too… one meteor shower missed me by a few meters once and I saw one the meteors hit the side of a cliff from where I was (not that far away.)


In a way, everything in a game is for looks. The projectile spawns the ground node tho, so they aren’t actually the same thing, but it’s somewhat moot and they are probably separated for reasons of clarity and convenience as much as anything.

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