Sigh .. Star metal meteorites that refuse to crack open



This is really starting to tick me off… I’ve found four meteorites on todays search, and NONE of them will effing open. Used 2 explosive jars on them just to be sure.



Just noticed that players were talking about a bug in the chat … lol.

…this game…


Edit - Found one more, and that one actually opened.

Sigh …

This is just … ./facepalm


I use 6 gas orbs followed by an explosive orb. Usually cracks them right open.

Sometimes they get stubborn and you need to try another angle. I never bother with jars since they need foundations like you have there and sometimes it means you just can’t get the right angle. From what it looks like here, the explosion is happening too high.


Sounds like the hitboxes on meteors need to be tweaked.


They could make part of it a 10ft thin invisible pole that goes straight up to ensure its always hit by explosions on top.

But you’d still run into a weird issue of terrain, the actual terrain blocking LoS occasionally. Star metal falls on random locations in the area. Sometimes it works well sometimes it doesn’t. Its so much the rock itself that is causing issues, but the terrain being weird around it.

The real fix is to make the falling meteors entirely cosmetic. But have set spawn locations that are thoroughly tested to ensure they can be blown open. That might be boring though.


You have no idea what the issue is how the game works. Why do you speak as if you do?


I haven’t had this issue at all, i even had an explosive accidentaly roll away about a meter from the meteor when i activated it but it still worked.


You have foundations tucked in under the star metal meteorite husk. I would not recommend that. If you must gain a surface for your explosive jar or to stand by it to mine it, I would make sure that your foundation is not making contact with the star metal husk. I have seen where doing so either makes the husk immune to damage, or somehow causes the foundation to take the majority of the explosive damage.

I have had jars tip over on activation, and roll away. Sometimes not far enough away, and the explosion still broke the husk. Others rolling like mad, and being too far away when they explode. Ideally, you want to activate the jar with an arrow. Though, if the jar is placed too close to the husk, the arrow will register a hit on the jar (crosshairs mark lights up like you confirmed a hit), but will not actually detonate the jar.

In challenging, hard to reach locations, sometimes right-click throwing orbs is the best option.