Star Metal glitch?

When trying to crack the case off the star metal meteorite I was hitting it with 5+ grease orbs and a demon fire orb and it was still not braking. Has this been changed in anyway or is it a bug?

Theres a few of them that are bit further in ground or in odd spots. Its really hard to get hit detection on them from some angles.

Its bug/bad placement. Its often best move on, or try hit them at lower point if its only 1 you can find. =/

Thanks for the suggestion however I tried again today. Hit several nods and still not breaking I think the server must be broke.

If you can’t crack a meteorite in one explosion, don’t even bother trying again and just move on to the next one.

Also, grease orbs are a waste of time, they don’t really do anything.

I use allways 1 grease and 1 fire orb and its just working fine to me

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