Explosives and Starmetal

Used 4 or 5 grease orbs with demonfire on starmetal meteor as usual, several times and did not crack, so I made explosives used two explosives right on the meteor and it did not crack…this hasn’t happened before. Normally grease with demonfire has always worked so I am wondering did either something change or is this a bug in the game? Big waste of resources and time the last couple of days.

Ugh, couldnt find my other post… among other topics on this. So yays…retyping…

Some of them are abit off, (to far in ground etc) so they need to be hit just right.

If you can not break one 1st or 2nd go, move on to next one.

If your dead set on breaking that one, try and hit it close to ground, down hill. Explosive arrows great for this.
But really, if you can’t get it on 1st few tries, just move on.

Its one of those, they’ll adjust it eventually deals. XD

Some of those rocks just refuse to break. I just bring a few explosive arrows with me, they’re a low resource cost investment. Shoot one at a meteor, see if it breaks. If it doesn’t, well, maybe I didn’t hit it right, so try again, with better aim. If it still won’t break, it’s probably bugged, so I move on to the next meteor. It’s pointless to waste perfectly good explosives on something that won’t break anyway.

Thanks…I’ve experienced one not breaking but not 4 in two days in a row …so I thought something has been nerfed/fixed/etc…just wasn’t sure if I missed something…thx for the suggestions…I’ll get some explosive arrows then and try again…just seemed like too many meterors were bugged…

I’ve noticed that there are some “cursed” places: if meteor spawn here it wouldn’t crack. Maybe it’s my mistake but it happened a couple of times.

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