Starmetal metorite targeting issues

Testlive PC Dedicated server.

When I use explosives on starmetal rocks. the explosion fire is frequently burning 2-4 meters away. I really don’t know if the game is intended to sometimes require more than one demon powder type explosion to crack them, but what I am noticing is when the first one doesn’t crack it, it also tends to display the flames burning in another place, rather than on the rock. So I then will create the next explosion equally distant, but in the opposite direction, which seems to actually make it land on the rock and crack it.

Is this possible the root of why starmetal doesn’t break like it is supposed to?

This SEEMS to be related to a number of other issues, where it seems as though the client has a bad GPS. I get micro teleports, to reposition my client to match the server (I believe). Hit boxes on NPCs and critters can be really off (posted a video the other day showing arrows appearing in a different place than where I hit the boss). It all seems related to me.

And sometimes I just can’t get them to break, no matter what. Prior to this video, I shot a good 50 arrows all around it, wondering if the node was displaced, but no luck. I made this so devs could see that nodes still have issues on testlive. Normally just one arrow does the job. Light or heavy shot, doesn’t matter.

Combined total of over 100 arrows on this one. Most direct hits and probably 30% targeted to the area around it.

Some of them are bugged. If you don’t see crack after 2 arrows just leave it.

yep. I do, but I wanted Funcom to see it. They supposedly fixed this issue. These were admin spawned arrows, so no loss on my end.

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