Oil, tar and fire

Tar orbs are broken now. They don’t reset the timer on fire I went through a whole stack of fire orbs trying to break star metal shell. Also fire arrows won’t ignite tar orbs. There has to be another way to ignite tar besides fire orbs. And can we add oil jars. Also would like to see oil stack in a greater number than a hundred because it’s a liquid it should stacked a 250 or 500 also would like to see a container that would hold the just oil but a large amount. Also would like to see an oil drum, oil jar, that you could have night with an flaming arrow. That would burn for a long time greater than 30 seconds so a jar could burn for one minute in a barrel could burn for 5 minutes. In a barrel would hold a thousand Oil.

But there has to be another way to ignite tar besides a fire orb. Like a torch or fire arrow

They were rebalanced since they are considered to cheap as they were before. I cant find the point in the patch notes but I’m certain that i have read this when this change came to teslive. You have to use fire-orb + tar-orb wait until it went of then repeat. Use a top tier axe for harvesting volatile glands from salamander in swamp and you will be fine with an t4 alchemist gives you good yield.

A barrel placeable to hold oil would be great, though! I noticed that you need more coal now to press tar out of it.

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Whole stack of fire orbs is surely an over exaggeration. Should only take 2 if you hit them right on the sweet spot. Maybe 3 - 5 max otherwise. The change to grease orbs is only a minor inconvenience.

Never used a hatchet on salamanders. I thought that a pick was best.

It’s now the most economical to use a fire orb, then let it bake the node, at 25 seconds elapsed, fire a tar arrow at it… wait 25 seconds, fire a gas arrow at it.

Gas arrows are the absolute cheapest to make now because instead of puffballs, u use ichor.

The explosive arrows however…

10 steelfire per arrow… <_< and that’s with a T4 carpenter.

that’s broken it does not reset the time for a another 25sec

What do the tar and gas (poison?) Arrows do to the meteorite?

By itself, nothing. Tar extends the fire. Gas explodes the fire. It’s all about the fire.

its Buged not extending fire

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