How to get Star Metal?

Did a search and some say its bugged?

I used 5 demon fire orbs and 13 tar orbs to keep it lit, and nothing, not even a crack. Am i missing something? I watched 3 youtube videos and they all do it with 1 or 2 demonfire and 1-4 tar.

I don’t get it? Are they all bugged, or just certain ones? Or maybe doesn’t work the first time you try? I am about to go to bed, so bummed this didn’t work. Will try and find a different one tomorrow.

occasionally one will bug out and never take any damage. i’ve even flipped into admin mode, dropped dozens of explosives all over it, and they still won’t crack.

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I suggest using explosive arrows. 1-2 arrows max to open a node. Much simpler IMO.

Aim, charge shot… boom. Done. No orb stacking and waiting for it to burn out… or weird bouncing.


omg…arrows! I am so dumb…lol.

Brilliant idea! Now to work out how to make arrows…don’t tell me I will work it out…heh

Thanks every1. Appreciate the replies.

Even with arrows I believe there are STILL bugged unbreakable star metal nodes. The best advice I’ve seen is to try expending one item on it to see if it will crack it at all … if no sign of damage to it after that then walk away.

I was using demonic orbs (is that the name) and I can’t make a lot of those. However explosive arrows, I can make a ton of those. So I won’t mind too much in wasting them.

Since I haven’t seen one crack yet I am unsure what it will look like. But I will go hunting today and will work it out. I will keep my eye out on a crack. If 3 arrows don’t do anything i will move on to next one.

I did not even realize explosive arrows were a thing. In fact, when I looked them up, it seems there’s a bunch of arrows I didn’t even know were a thing. Like healing arrows, which seems kind of silly to me. “Here, let me shoot you in the face with an arrow. Don’t worry, your face will heal around it.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then again, I prefer getting up close and personal, so it’s not like I use bows enough to really invest in them.

I play with my gf alone on our own server. Bow and Arrows are a must! Especially against something HUGE that can take almost all your health with 1 hit.

But perhaps we are just hopeless players…lol. Probably why we play PVE…heh

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