Cracking The Star Metal Shell - A Suggestion

I stumbled on a method accidentally.

I only tried to use orbs/jars once. It did not go well. I am certain it was 100% my fault.

So I switched to explosive arrows. They are precise, they are less costly to manufacture, and they produce widely inconsistent results. A shell could take 1 or 30+ arrows to crack. It was annoying.

And then, yesterday, I was coming from helping with a Purge and had checked walls for hidden Purgites (because Purges now spawn in your foundations and just sit there, what fun) and had neglected to swap out my poison arrows for explosive arrows.

Well, poison arrows are cheap, so I loaded an explosive arrow, shot it, and nearly got caught in the very extended blast radius. Normally, when I crack a meteorite shell, it crumbles a bit at the top and exposes the core. With the Poison+Explosive arrow combo, it peeled it like a grape.

“Just a fluke,” I surmised.

So I repeated it twice more with the exact same result.

The equation is:

  • One Star Metal Meteorite
  • One (1) Poison Arrow
  • One (1) Explosive Arrow
    Star Metal
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Yes this works. It the same way I crack open starmetal

Es la forma más barata y eficaz, yo hago lo mismo

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