Mining star metal and working with explosives question

I used to use grease and demon fire orbs on a star metal node and then keep feeding the fire until the shell bursts and the node is accessible. I notice now that i cant keep feeding grease orbs to the fire to keep it burning. Did i miss something in the patch notes, is this design, a bug or do they want us to open them on another way?

Second question i have is star metal related. I made some explosives and tried to use them on the nodes. But every time I try to light the explosives the jar falls and tends to roll away. Anyone have any tips on how to keep the jar next to the star metal node? (what i do now is that i just keep standing next to it so it cant roll away, but thats not to healthy!)

You can still use grease and demonfire, just do 1 grease, 1 demonfire, wait for it to finish and repeat and it should work if you got it placed well.

For explosives, the best thing I’ve done is try to put a foundation right under/next to the meteor and place it there for a flat surface.


Thanks thats what i am doing now but it costs more time and more demon fire orbs.

Yes thats what i am doing as well, but the jars still fall down

put a wall or something so it cant roll far. but you may be running into it instead of clicking on it

Explosive arrows work and they don’t roll. I think it’s 5 arrows to 1 powder and that should be enough to crack it. I’ve managed to crack some in as few as 3. Just another option

i think i was a bit running into it but i even have it when i inch forward until i can reach. Also the problem that i have when i build a foundation underneath it it seems to me as if the foundation absorbs some of the explosive damage since quite often i cant open it with 1 explosive when i build on a foundationwhile most of the time when i dont have to build one i get a 1 shot!

Your just shooting them straight at the meteor? No grease just a couple of explosive arrows?

Yes, shoot, let the fire run it’s course, repeat until it cracks. Sometimes you have to change your angle but that’s an issue with star metal nodes it general, no matter the method. Typically you can see the blue cracks arrow number one if it’s going to work. Grease may help cut arrow requirements but I haven’t tried it.

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I’ve had good luck with the explosive arrows overall, but sometimes they seem even buggier than the orbs or jars. I’ve had meteors that I thought were bugged, but it turned out I just wasn’t hitting the exact right spot with the arrows and once I did I was able to crack it. The sweet spot usually seems to be near the top, but not always. It is really annoying to waste so many resources on them sometimes.

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When i mined them before with grease orbs i always seemed to have more succes if i was able to put the fire on the underside of the meteor seemed that it did more damage that way

I mine hundreds of starmetal every day before i go to work. One explosive jar, hit it with a pick then mine the ore. Take the damage then eat to heal and move onto the next one. Simple stuff people.

The way I’ve always done it is 5 gas orbs and a fire orb. Sometimes you need 2-3 more gas and another fire orb.

Gas Arrows don’t seem to work as well.

That popular technique is now nerfed unfortunately. :confused: That’s how I used to do it.

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