[PS4 - Farming star metals] How many orbs are needed for "fuel" and "explosion" to farm star metals?

The question speaks for itself. I’m confused. I have done this a few times and the result was “random” on the number of items used. I wonder how many orbs of oil (it looks like the oil is much weaker) and gas are needed to cause an explosion strong enough to destroy the “carcass” of the star metals. Please, I would like to receive honest and serious contributions on this, as I want to know an economical way to get this damn metal.


4 or 5 are normally enough to crack a nodes shell

Thats tar or gas orbs of course plus one explosive orb

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I stack 5 oils, and seems like it’s too much cause fire continues twice longer than required.


Thanks kitten :slight_smile:


Using only 2 Demonfire Orbs has the charm, that you carry way less weight on your way to the Star Metal nodes (if you are using Tar + Demonfire, you are talking 18 Orbs to harvest 3 Star Metal Nodes, while if you are only using Demonfire Orbs you only need 6 Orbs to harvest 3 SMN).

The post that kitten linked shows how I’m executing the 2 Demonfire Orb harvesting and in this video:

you can see me do it in live gameplay (use the timestamps in the video description - have to watch on the youtube page, not the embedded player).

On official servers 2 demonfire orbs will not crack a meteor.

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I am using default settings, so I don’t understand why they wouldn’t. I also had other players confirm it works for them.

I’ll login n throw 5 at a node to prove my case if u like

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Thank you, I’ll try that. I play on an official server. I usually wore “fuel” orbs before I exploded the stars’ metal. I’m going to try to use just the orb of the blast and wait a while for the rock to “fry” between one launch and another. I did not think about this time of waiting. I think I can take the test tomorrow and then post the result. *I also find it irritating the “perfectionist” aiming to launch the orb.

Cool, good luck on it and I’d be interested to hear about the result, I hope you find a couple nodes to test. I’m surprised that the other guy says it shouldn’t work on official and that would be really weird if that is true, which I highly doubt.


I use 4 poison +1 demonfire and will stand right on top of the nodes so I don’t have to worry about aiming.
Poison works better than tar because you don’t have to wait for it to burn, but I’ll try two demonfire like @MoosGamesTV mentioned next time.


Okay, but if you stand well above the nodes, are you unaffected by the poison or the explosion? Do not you get damage? I always tried to keep at least medium distance and I do not know this mechanic right.

I wore a sandstorm mask to avoid the poison.
The explosion hurts, but not very much as. I wear heavy armor but you’ll be fine in medium and maybe even light with enough HP.

I have a link to a video above demonstrating it.

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Oook, mistery solved. It’s good to know that.

You should relocate those links to Fanworks with guide tags

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Good idea.
It has been done.

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2 demonfire orbs work. Sometimes you run into glitched star metal rocks that simply dont break or their hit box is off.


Yes, I tested this method on four nodes and succeeded in two of the cases. Before I used only orbs of fuel to power the explosion and did not even know that the demonfire orb still “burned” the node (I thought there was only the explosion). In other cases, I blame the sight system or even the fact that the orb has not hit the stone in an “ideal” way, but if you do your “job” right, you can break the shell of the stone with just two orbs. I hope there is no update to make these ores harder to collect. Lol.


Good to hear that it does indeed work as expected on official servers, I guess @BrixunMortar can also get it done with a little more training. :wink:

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