[Guide] How to harvest Star Metal Ore in the most efficient way *New Method*

Hey Exiles,

I’m bringing you this brand new guide on a new method to farm star metal ore in the most efficient way:

Have fun and enjoy,



Thank you! I think there was recently a discussion on my official server about how much of a pain starmetal was to harvest and varying answers of what to do. This method is so much more effective and succinct.

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Glad that this guide was helpful to you! :slight_smile:

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I can’t believed I wasted all my time just to find all those poison gas and grease orbs. it was that simple, thank you for sharing this info.

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Hello again, MoosGamesTV could I ask you something? after the Mother of all patch did you manage try finding more star metal again?

I wasn’t sure cause after the patch the Meteor did strike but I can;t seem to find any of the star node for some reason. (maybe because I stand to close last time)

Hello @Waarghh, I haven’t been there since the patch, so I sadly can’t give you an answer to that question. If you can’t find any on the ground, check the area above the Ymir religion trainer - check this video if you want to see the place:


MoosGamesTV thank you for replying my comment. Today I finally had the time to check again, and I certain right now is impossible to harvest as the current patch cause a peculiar bug when the meteor start to strike the star node never show up. Hopefully you could also give a few voice to Funcom as well to fix this for the next patch. otherwise no one could ever farm star metal unless they use the admin console/

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I’ve been using 1 demon fire orb and 2 grease orbs to farm each star metal “node” Hit it with grease, then hit it with fire, wait around 30 seconds, then hit it with another grease orb.

Seems like I can just forego the grease orb after watching the video as it’s pretty easy to farm demon-fire orbs.

Lately I’ve been running into indestructible star metal “nodes” however and am wondering if others have found the same thing. Every 1 of like 7 “nodes” ends up taking no damage and never cracks.

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@SirMang I struggeled with these bugged nodes aswell, my only tip is to try hit it from a totally different angle after the first throw didn’t seem to cause any damage. These nodes can be cracked aswell, but they can cause some headaches.