Star metal farming


So after a 20-30 minute walk to the north from my base (loaded down with my explosive jars and some sandstone foundations), I search and search for star metal meteors. Finally, after about an hour of searching I find some. 6 jars, 5 right on the meteor (1 rolled), no ore.

Meanwhile, the walk from my base to the north, maybe encountered 1, maybe 2 wolves in the entire mid range of the very empty (of wildlife) map. While in the north, swarms of cats and mammoths that you have to fight constantly. Not the least bit enjoyable when combined with the rarity of the meteors, and the end result of not getting into the meteors when found.

Sometimes they do bug out and are indestructible.
One time I found six meteorites on the ground, one was indestructible.

But explosives and foundations are a waste. Try this next time.
It’ll be cheaper, faster and easier.

4 poison + 1 demonfire is usually enough but 5 poison +1 demonfire has ‘always’ been enough for me.
Both orbs are pretty cheap and easy to get these days.

So if you don’t at least see a crack after trying this method, just leave and find another.
If you do see a crack, drop one more demonfire.

Thanks, I’ll try that next. Was getting frustrated with the explosive jars…way too expensive to make for so little return.

No problem.

You’re absolutely right. At least when using orbs it won’t be quite as big of a loss if you run into a bugged meteorite.

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