Easy Star Metal on Steep Inclines

4 poison + 1 demonfire is usually enough but 5 poison +1 demonfire has ‘always’ been enough for me.

Easy Bark

Easy Bark - 334 Bark in 5 Minutes

Unlimited Climbing Stamina

Unlimited Climbing Stamina

Reach The Skies With Ease

Iron Shadows In The Moon Achievement Without Cheating and Without Building


When throwing your fire orb, If you are fast enough you can grab the cliff right away without falling underneath the meteor if you understand what i mean…so you can pretty much stay on top of the starmetal ore all time.
The gas mask trick is really usefull though.
I had never thought about that untill i saw you mentioned it in an other thread so i’m gratefull for that.
Now even the hardest meteors can’t escape my grip :slight_smile:
keep on sharing mate!


Haha. No problem.
And you can actually just stand on the meteor (at least you can with heavy armor and probably medium too), I just jumped for fun.
It doesn’t keep burning for a long time like it would with grease orbs.

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Not bad, but still I see it too difficult. :smiley:

I would make 2 foundations 1 just under that node and 1 about 4 foundations away just to the edge of reach (jump distance -ish kinda)
This way no self damage. and tbh I always have some foundations with me ever since enc 50 is a thing. :smiley:

Also I used greese orb so far. so thanx for the tip on the gas orb.

My method was to put 3 greese orb on it then fire it and before the fire expires (~20 sec) Use one more greese to prolong that stacked efffect and one more after another ~20 sec IF the shell wasn’t melt with the first batch.

Foundations…? Nah, This method is by far the easiest, the fastest and the most flexible method for unreachable meteors.
Grease orbs are good to test he “glitchyness” of the shell (because sometimes the shell won’t break, no matter what) but if you want to do it faster just throw in directly 4 greases orbs and 1 demon.
But if you’re really short in inventory space/orbs, it’s true only 3 grease can sometimes break a shell and thus spare other orbs.

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