Unlimited Climbing Stamina

I’ve mentioned this in a few other threads but decided to make a new one about it specifically.

It’s possible to climb any height with 0 stamina usage, without cheats or exploits.

Climbing Boots w/ Advanced Flexibility Kit
Climbing Gloves w/ Advanced Flexibility Kit
Any Light Armor w/ Advanced Flexibility Kit
Any Light Legs w/Advanced Flexibility Kit
Any Medium Helm w/ Advanced Flexibility Kit
No kit needed on light helms; you can also go without any headgear.

If you don’t have access to the climbing gear you can just use any light gloves/boots. You’ll use a very tiny amount of stamina and still be able to scale almost any height with ease - this is useful for climbing in the frozen north or volcano when you need more elemental protection than what climbing gear provides.

Easy Bark

Easy Bark - 334 Bark in 5 Minutes

Easy Star Metal on Steep Inclines

Easy Star Metal on Steep Inclines

Reach The Skies With Ease

Iron Shadows In The Moon Achievement Without Cheating and Without Building


Thank you for such interesting info!

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No problem. I hope it proves useful.

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Good info. Thanks!

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