Reinforced Climbing Gear

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug?]
Region: [Europe]

Is it just me, or is there a bug with making the Reinforced Climbing Boots and Gloves?

I have the recipe (the one found on top of Fingerf_ck Rock :sweat_smile:), armorer’s bench says i can make it, all the ingrediënts are there (including light boots and light gauntlets) but i still can’t make em anymore…

Anyone with an answer to this please?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Not sure but you may want to try Improved armor benches. Good luck. I have read they changed some recipes.

U need epic version of the light gooves n boots. I also had this same problem in the past. U need a microscope to see the purple corners on the require items on bottom right but they are there lol


I shall try the epic light gauntlets and boots. Thanks!

Nope, it’s definitly in the normal bench.

Yeah normal bench but you do need the perfected linings to make them as @Chilling mentioned.

Have 'em now. Thank you so much for this clear and true explanation. :+1:t3::slightly_smiling_face:


Are they even worth it? I hear/read somewhere, that its only more armor… And who fights in climbing gear anyway :smiley:

And before the latest patch, with the old flexing kit in every armor piece and light armor pieces, you lost 0 stamina (but I used the reinforced).
Didnt climb with the gear after patch… But I think this was changed or for what reason are the new flex kits? :smiley:

Imo not worth it. I use regular ones with advanced flex on it, never bothered with the new kit, I only use it to climb n mostly naked or rarely if necessary use skelos armor with adv flex plus climbing gear.

Before the patch: climbing gear and other light armor parts with flex kit = ZERO stamina while climbing. You only lose stamina, when you jump at the rock. That was it…

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Yeah that’s no longer possible, now it consumes very minimal stamina

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Maybe it still is, with the new kits? They have to have some purpose :smiley:

Currently that setup consumes lil to no stamina when climbing so didn’t bother trying the new ones as it’s so minimal that I highly doubt would make a big difference also highly doubt it’s not gonna consume any stamina but who knows maybe Im wrong …most likely I am but I’ll just keep using the adv kit

I have used both setups, light armor with flex kits and light armor with reinforced climbing gear qith flex kits. It definatly makes a difference. Using the gloves and boots further cuts that stamina usage by like half.

Did you also test the new kit after patch?

I’ve only ever used the gloves myself (like look) and there enough to climb highest peaks.

I really only every make better versions for extra stats… I tend slap durablity on them over extra climb. (never had a need to honestly)

We have alot of pillar bases on my server and my own base was a pain to get to to make.

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