Reinforced Climbing Boots and Gloves not craftable in the Armorer's Bench

Game mode: ?
Problem: Bug
Region: NA?

On (at least) PS4 it might happen that the Reinforced Climbing Boots and Gloves are shown at an Armorer’s Bench but can not be crafted.1

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get Reinforced Climbing Boots and Gloves recipe(s).
  2. Look in the Armorer’s Bench where they are shown.
  3. Find they can’t be crafted.

1: Verification needed. This note was originally added on the Expert Mountaineer wiki page by an anonymous user.

I also have the same problem on ps4. The bench doesn’t register the light boots and gloves.

Could you try with an Improved Armorer’s Bench? as that is what is required for the Epic versions.

Hello @TheLOLxd2!

After unlocking the recipe, you should be able to craft the Reinforced Climbing boots by supplying the required materials to the regular Armorer’s Bench, which are the Epic Light Gauntlets / Boots ( from the Exile Epics feat, crafted in the Improved Armorer’s Bench ), the Twine and the Star Metal Bars.

Does the above not work for you?

Sir Bowen explains

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It is indeed confusing if it requires the epic light boots and gloves because this can’t be crafted on the improved bench, only in regular bench and the requirements shows light boots and gloves as if regular light gear. Edit: I meant to say the reinforced climbing gear isn’t crafted on improved bench but the epic light gear is. Sorry lol

It is helpful to have both benches next to each other I just bounce back and forth to see what works. How ever don’t put a recycling bench next to them. Great way to make scrap oops. :rofl:

It’s dissapointing to know that the anon user didn’t fully read the wiki page.

You should take a look at this suggestion maybe, Hugo.

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