Anyone know if the reinforced climbing boots can be made

I have already learned the recipe for the two climbing versions and I can make the normal climbing boots but it has not allowed me to make the reinforced ones for more than a year I have not been able to.

How is it not allowing you? Is the recipe missing from the bench, or is the recipe blackened like you are missing ingredients?

If the first, I don’t know.

If the second, they require the epic versions of light gloves and boots, the normal versions will not work.

I gave myself everything in admin mode and I could not create them, can you create them? … I will try again with the epic versions and comment.

Si era eso, gracias y de hecho las fabricó por si solo… gracias

Exactly, even though the recipe indicates they do not. This is one those instances where the crafting update that will make missing pieces if you have the materials on bench comes in very handy.

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No, it absolutely does. It’s just that the purple borders indicating they are epic variants is difficult to see when the icons are blackened, but if you look closely, they are there.


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