Reinforced Climbing gloves/boots recipe doesn't recognize Light gloves/boots

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online private
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Bug
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP
Region: EU

Went to craft the new Reinforced Climbing gloves and boots. Made the Light gloves and boots per the recipe. Light gloves and boots greyed out in the recipe checklist as if they are not on the bench. They are there! Promise! I’m not crazy, you’re crazy!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Open Armorer Bench. Craft Light glove or boot.
  2. Select Reinforced Climbing glove or boot recipe.
  3. Light glove or boot greyed out in recipe checklist.
  4. Blog about it.
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Found a similar post on Steam :

But at the moment i’m confused, climbed the rock again, and…

where is my mountaineer gone ? fallen, in some taverne ? :thinking:

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Are you sure you made regular light boots, and not exceptional or flawless ones?

Found the thingy ! :wink:

You need the epic light-boots in order to make them.
Need craft them on the improved armorer-bench, then pass them on the normal one, where you can then craft the reinforced boots.

the light epic one, one improved armorer-bench

then craftable on the normal armorer bench.

Bit tedious, i admit, was not obvious for me at first.


Vattende is correct here. It’s darn unintuitive that you make the Improved climbing boots on the regular Armorer’s bench, even though you need to make the prerequisite (Epic) light boots on the Improved Armorer’s bench. The purple border on the boots icon isn’t visible when it’s greyed out.

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you need a EPIC light boots, reinforced climbing gear is so expensive, and it dont have nothing special only more duration, totally unusefully

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