Improved climbing gloves craft lacking PROPER INFORMATION!

Game mode: Online official]
Type of issue: bug
Server type: pve
Region: NA

[Describe the bug here] bought the recipe. cant craft it. have all indgredient and the light gauntlets are not highlighted

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.craft light gauntlets
2.get twines
3. get star metals bars
4. not craftable

link to my steam screenshot

screenshot with the same link as above

has to be epic…once again another issue with missing information

Yep. The purple borders of Epic Light Gauntlets don’t show (or at least I can’t see them) on the darkened icon shown when the required item is missing. It’s somewhat annoying because one wouldn’t expect an item crafted on a regular Armorer’s Bench to require an Epic item.


Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up, we’re sending it to our team so they can look into it.

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it’s like that for all the “shard” recipes. i dont have a single improved bench out and i can get al the shard recipes to be crafted

We had it allready in a past tread here:

it’s working, but it’s confusing people.

If you look carefully, you will see the purple borders around the light Gauntlets, in the Wiki we call it Light Gauntlets (Epic) to make the different more clear. Reinforced Climbing Gloves

But you are right, if such an Epic-Icon is not highlighted it is really hard to see the different.
@Ignasis so some little brighter purple borders would be great even if the icon is not highlighted. Or rename it to XYZ (Epic) like we did in the Wiki anyway. :wink:

Sir Bowen


i had to hit the wiki as well. just frustrating in so many ways.

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Be sure that the wiki will help you in most cases. :wink:
Nevertheless, it is absolutely right to report such issues here, so that they can improve there.

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found another one

I think a remaning would be smarter here.
I mostly make the normal ones, but had also to look trough the two benches to find out how they’re made. Once you know it’s fine, but it’s not intuitive at all. So i can understand that people think it’s a bug or that they’re missing a part.

Been talked about before i know, but this is an example as good as any i guess.

I cant see if an item is epic or legendary, either in inventory/loot or recipie.

The specs of the item is just the same, you have to make them before you can see what it is, meaning the tooltip is to weak.

I mean, the epic and legendary loot/recipies are important features for many gamers, and there was a reason that all the hack`n slash games adopted the “Diablo” way of doin it.
Remember those yellow and other colored drops?
It allways gave you a little kick right?
In CE we cant see if its a normal sword or legendary untill you read the name just to find its a normal Lungsword…
If it have a name you need to look it up on the wiki…

This discussion link directly to this wich have been talked about long ago, this together with better tooltips on all items.

I miss the hype when special loot and recipies drop, i also miss to be able to see if the item i am crafting actually suits my purpose.

No special sound, no special coloring or icons, tooltips not showind all info.

In my benches its the same, i usually had to check what mats to use to know if it was a epic or normal item i crafted, because the borders are way to hard to make out.
Just to find out that the armor i made for the cold area actually was for the desert area,(tooltip anyone?)

As an itemhunter i find this to be at most importance, hence i dropped this note here.

Keep up the good work, peace

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Why don’t they change the color of the border instead of being dark purple make it cyan yellow white some lighter color that will make it stand out more wouldn’t that be easier for the coders to do than a whole revamp of icons.

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Totally agree, the purpose of the bordar should be to differ the items from normal ones, as it is now i cand see the difference.

i made an improved armorer bench…to my surprise the reinforced climbing gloves made with epic stuff was not listed in it. onlylisted ion normal bench

also may want to add a note to that note: bloth gloves have the same effect on climbing. i climbed a wall in unnamed city with both glvoes and had the same stamina loss

its supposed to be reinforced more durable don’t know if they were supposed to be improved as well. Being epic would expect bit better or at least more heat resist.

that whats i was expecting but… so much crafting for the same stam… kind of sad i had to go through hell to get those things going and to see that they give the same results as normal ones

Totally agree, i guess a brighter colored border would be the easiest way to fix this issue.
Renaming every little item, recipe in the whole database is a hell of a rework.

Read exactly what i wrote and proceed like that.

Sure you need the recipe first, it will not end in the benche by mystery. It’s a scroll.