Frost climbing gear

There are several times that we want to climb in the north. To the areas that you can walk only with really good armor pieces, because they are frostbite areas, you cannot decide to equip the climbing gear, because there is a chance to go extremely cold and fall down. So i think that we must have climbing gear for cold areas.


Did you try flawless epic zamorian thief armor?

Khitan Mercenary/Vanir settler works too, but iirc zamorian thief had extra climb boni.

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Climbing gear mixed with epic flawless turanian, khitan, or zamorian theif can get you pretty much anywhere you need to go especially if you have gliding joints on the whole set but if you still can’t climb due to temperature, make some heated food.

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The point is that the improved climbing gear is only for hot areas. There are alot of frost areas that you want to climb. If you speak on the other hand about pvp, there are to many bases in frost areas. If you want to climb the wall, or you go out of stamina because of your armor, or you go extremely cold - frostbite because of the temperature effect of the climbing gear. So pvp and pve needs improved climbing gear for frost areas. They create a chilled god breaker armor, so i see no difficulty to create a warm climbing gear.


When you travel, after lvl 60 climbing gear is one of the accessories you carry with you. Among with keys for all the dungeons :rofl:. I know how to climb in frost areas, but surely i cannot climb like the warm area. I would like to have this accessory anyway and wear the guardian armor instead of others. I always fix a guardian armor and a pitck to exchange with my thrall armors due the weather conditions. So i need this accessory in my pocket and i think that we all need it.

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In my entire Conan playtime I only used climbing gear if I wanted to achieve the endless climbing glitch (already fixed).

Just as @Wind said: Light Flawless Epic Cold Res Armor with gliding joints and some food that heats you up and you are set.

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I respect the fact that you don’t use it. Still i do and i assure you that a lot of players do. You may not find interest on climbing in really bizarre places, but it’s my thing in this game :wink:. Can you please respect my wish? I want to climb the same either volcano or frost kingdom. I don’t want to loose stamina, because i make my climb and pay the fragment to take this reward. Still i believe that the reward is half because it is only for warm places. Yet i believe that improved climbing gear sould have better heat resistant than the simple one.

I’m not disagreeing with your idea as it honestly just quality of life that I think would make things easier.


Thank you very much my friend. I really appreciate your interest :+1:

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