Reporting a climbing bug

When I travel into the frozen north, I literally cannot climb anything. My character will grasp on and climb for maybe two seconds, but then he releases his grip, almost as if I have pressed shift. Moving or holding still doesn’t matter, I cannot cling to walls. However, I can climb just fine anywhere else south of the frozen north. Very frustrating, please help! :frowning:

What level is your temperature?

Too low and you will not be able to climb. Same for Volcano area and too high temperatures.

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oh i did not realize that was a factor in climbing. at what level can you not climb? I believe i was between very cold and extremely cold.

Something like that, I cannot check it right now so someone can help us?

Also not sure if frostbite will get you down too… not sure.

Alsways bring warm cloth to the north! :slight_smile:

Hmmm… really odd. I had two of my friends with me and we were all wearing the same armor set. (light so we could haul back some black ice). They ended up filling their bags and bringing it down to me to haul home…

I tried to climb the darn thing for 30 minutes. following their path. making sure nothing in my keyboard was sticking, etc. but got back south of the river and could climb just fine. Will have to play around with the temperature thing some more.

Any extreme heat or cold will cause you to let go. The damage will be more intense wenn it goes to the worst state. You will need to use some heating food or brews for icy and “eat” ice in hot areas.

Did you figure it out?
Looks like you probably just had the Extremely Cold or Frostbite status effects, which deal damage. Taking any damage causes you to release your grip when climbing.

Any warm set should be sufficient for most of the Frozen North but there are some areas where that won’t be enough. Such as at higher altitudes.

From what I can tell all normal versions of warm armors provide the same cold protection, you can get more protection by wearing higher quality armor, such as Exceptional or Flawless. I use the Epic Exceptional Vanir Settler set for climbing in the north, with Advanced Flexibility Kits attached. It’s good enough for just about everywhere.

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