Climbing walls/rocks broken. Keep falling off

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Climbing is impossible on some rocks/cliffs. As soon as I start climbing certain wall or slopes, I immediatly release grip and fall down without me actually hitting any button to do so. I mostly noticed it happening on rock walls and slopes in Volcano.

i think that there are some direction changes while you are climbing that cuts contact with the rock, that’s why whenever i climb, i keep pushing spacebar, so that if i lose contact, i can grab the rock again

if you have heat stroke or take any type of damage you lose your grip and fall


True, i forgot about this.

If the cooling effect from drinks/ice ends mid-climb, you’ll fall. If you’re full heat resistant through equips, then you shouldn’t fall

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Nah, there is neither of those things involved. I Lose grip and fall just by climbing. ATM Im trying to climb a 3 level sandstone foundation pillar i built and it just wont let me.

Not every cliff or wall is climbable. Without a video we can’t be certain it’s a bug.

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Hi, and your not having any extreme heat or cold happening ?


if you build sandstone foundation 3 tiles high, im sure you should be able to climb them. but i cant. i lose grip after like 1 second everytime. k ?

Lol, you didn’t accidentally splash yourself with a grease orb, did you?

No. Why are you people so â– â– â– â– â–  to debunk this bug in any way possible? Are you freaking funcom employes or what? LOL

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You didn’t say you were climbing foundations Based on your post it sounded as though you were trying to climb environmental obstacles.


Yeah I did mainly, that was the first problem i encountered. Second was the fouhndations and player built structures. Basically, climbing doesnt work properly

Sorry, i wasn’t being mean, you can’t climb if you get splashed with a grease orb, just trying to rule out certain things

Im playing on PVE server. No external things are affecting my characters ability to climb.

When did this start for you? Maybe you should exit the server and log back in to see if it still happens this could be a server bug

Im playing on my own private server hosted by g-portal. its been like this for days, and ive restarted the server several times.

And yeah, it is a bug :slight_smile: Newsflash

How’s much stamina is subtracting with each step you take?

None really, i dont get that far. I lose grip almost instantly when i try to climb.

From what I can see its not a bug that affect the whole world. It seems its focused mostly on the volcano area. Wether I build stuff myself or try to climb slopes or rock walls, it fails when in the volcano

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