Climbing bug cant climb for some reason

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Problem: | Bug |
Region: na

After playing for awhile not sure what causes it but you lose the ability to climb and its not cause by bleed posion temperature and to restore it you either have to take off bracelet or reload the game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Not sure

Hi @Salx777x, can you confirm that it happens online and on official servers?

Can you describe what your character was wearing at each time and the areas where the issue has occurred?

Does the character not grab onto walls at all?

This also happens to me but in my case it happens a lot when using the double jump from t5 agility, has a tendency to glitch out to were you can’t jump at all or climb at all.

Sry i can’t confirm something like that. I have no climbing issues.

Official server 3773 pvp i was not wearing any gear it may have happened after several attempts of jumping randomly charecter refuses to grab on walls fixed after removing bracelet.

Would it be possible for you to share a video recording of the issue in action, as it might assist with reproducing it on our end?

Also, did the issue only start happening after the latest patch or have you experienced it before?

Its something your doing my firend, im on that server and have no issues.

Happened once to me after latest patch i will make video if it happens again

As mentioned i am not sure what caused it but it seemed like it was due to lag maybe stamina not recharging and charecter couldnt climb.

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