Problems walking and climbing

*Game mode:Online official
*Type of issue:[Bug]
**Server type:PvP *
*Region: Europe
*Hardware: PS4

Bug Description:

After upgrading to 2.8 I am having problems with the movement of the character, he keeps walking in one direction and I have to roll several times or climb something to free the camera and I also have problems climbing a wall or foundation, I have to do it several times to go up.

Hi @Cojonan

Are you experiencing this issues on a specific server?
Can you check this is shingle player or a different official server and let us know if the issue persists?

We have also noticed the walking glitch on our official server. No matter what direction you try to go with your stick, the character is stuck in one direction and only climbing seems to fix it.

The other glitch that @Cojonan was talking about actually has been in the game at least since 2.6. Whenever you try to climb up on a foundation or ceiling, the game rubberbands your character back down so that it often takes 5 or 6 attempts to climb a single foundation.

Yes we are aware of the climbing issue as it was reported before here: Climbing, it's not working right - #3 by Dana

If you are also experiencing the walking glitch issue, please let us know if you’ve encountered this on a specific server.

I have experienced it on official server 3133 so far but I haven’t had the chance to check if it also happens on other servers or not

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I think it is easier to say the servers where it does not happen, than to say where the failure occurs, in all the servers that I play in Europe, pvp happens to me. I have a PS4 Pro and 1GB internet. Knowing this, I will point out the servers where the failure occurs to be more specific. Thanks for reading and prompt attention.

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