Please fix the climbing

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whenever i get to the top of a latter or foundation or wall my character lets go and falls at the last second, please make an edge climb animation to stop this or somehing thanks

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. climb something
  2. fall

What zone are you trying to climb in?

desert on the edge of the highlands. but it happens all the time all over the place and its not just me, ladders help but not by much and they vanish allot so

Weird I haven’t really had any problems climbing unless I’m taking damage from spikes, cold damage or heat damage. The odd time when I get to the top I will fall but it’s very rare.

Dunno what the problem could be.

his foot keeps slipping is my guess lol

Try slowing down the rate at which you climb, especially when it comes to overhanging ledges, if you slow down, your character will carefully climb over.

AS you reach the top angle your camera so your looking down on your character. This may help

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thanks ill give thata shot

I’ve also found that holding down the jump button can give your character an extra “boost” once they reach the top of a ledge :slight_smile:

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When you’re almost on top start “looking down” so your character will -jump- on top without slipping.

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Hi I’m new to this but I enjoy this game alot and bought it amd have been playing none stop and the server I’m on isnt there just want to know whats going on I asked the official twitter account and no response so hoping for one on here thank you I would appreciate it

I don’t know if there’s any official servers that will never shut down because the devs run them, but most servers are paid for, and if it’s not there, multiple things could be happening

  1. Server is full, if you turned off the “show full server”, then you won’t see the server your looking for even when it’s actually full, or suffering from the 9999 ping glitch error.
  2. If playing on a paid server, you’ll know this because some settings are not set to 1, or has a specific name on it, could be because, A. the owner has stopped paying for the server, B. owner of the server has had his server banned for whatever reason, C. server may not have most recent update applied, lastly make certain your version is up to date with latest patch.

Its an official server I know that it just isnt on the list though and sorry I posted on here I tried to create my own post but it just wasnt posting for some reason