Will funcom ever fix climbing bug

This very annoying bugs has been in game for almost a year, it makes building a pain, climbing foundation, raiding people, and has caused more deaths than anything. Will this ever get fix?


It’s been reported so many times, and still they ignore it. No idea why.


Well over a year I think. And yes, reported a lot, but they still don’t seem to want to fix it.

It’s super annoying. Also I hate the way characters jitter about at the top of things too, it’s very damaging to the old immersion.

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faelcom dont know how to fix


NO funcom will never fix climbing. I asked so oftrn and made a bugreport bun they dont care. @Ignasi pls say it to them team we need climbing fixes after over 1year of this shiddy bug.

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Becouse they dont know how to fix it


Easy fix, keep climbing along the surface until players give input to let go.
Alright not easy fix but i just want to crawl along the ground on my cannibal gal character. A man can dream?

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Climbing on landscape got better but climbing on top of a ledge is almost impossible and climbing on a foundation is 100 times worse than when it first started, I has s lol slipped at least 10 times in a row before, and most time you get up you go over and slide down the other side, and three the bug where your character body freeze and you can’t turn to run.

What gets me, is of all the bugs that take time and effort to identify, with this one all you have to do is stack 2-3 sandstone foundations and climb up them! I mean how diffiult is that to reproduce. A two year old could manage that.

Actually, its gotten worse over time. When climbing was first introduced (I think it was mid summer of '17) you could climb on anything without ever falling off. Cliffs, bases, ruins, it was all perfect.

Every change they have made since then has made it worse.

Yea climbing sucks so bad i dont even bother with the jhil vaults lol, spent 30 mins just trying to climb up the cages just to get knocked down every time.

This issue became worse with Chapter 1.

Just like every other bug they would rather put new content thinking people will stick around but it’s short lived more people quit than anything because of bugs, lagg and unjustified bans

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I’ve noticed that if I climb normally, then stop just before the top, then push the stick really slowly, I climb over the lip fine. But if I just keep holding the stick at the same pressure, i.e. climb normally, I just can’t get over the tops of things. Dunno what this means. Is it intended, we’re meant to pull ourselves up slowly at the top? If so, it’s annoying af.