Climbing bug - how many years has it been now?

I am beginning to think that players can say the same thing 1000 times and Funcom simply doesn’t care. The climbing bug has been around since climbing has been around. There’s nothing quite like trying to get on top of an 8 level 1x1 foundation tower to build your base around you only to find out that 8 out of 10 times, you fall as soon as you get to the top and try and climb over the edge.

If the devs do not KNOW how to fix this, why don’t they just ADMIT that and say outright that they’re not even going to bother and try. With how many times this has been reported, as well as other climbing issues all related to the idiotic jump at the very top, you’d think if they knew how, they would have, but no. All the complaining just goes for naught while they turn their heads and add more cats to the game.


Agreed. Has to be one of the most frustrating bugs in the game.


It all started at this moment , the animation change from 2.4 update , I remember calling it out Let's talk about the new climbing animation of 2.4 ( not effectively enough though … ) by stating the animation was sluggish and that something was off .
What I forgot to mention then was the fact that the old climbing had received a lot of “patches” to make it so that climbing over odd surfaces and edges was smooth , and those were completely gone once the animation was changed . And the detractors that liked the new animation linked videos showing someone climbing on a brick wall with old and new climbing … while the issues I had with it was on irregular surfaces and going over the top edges … Anyways now it’s like this and climbing indeed needs some attention :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Saw someone mentioned the trick of climbing, is to hold the jump key all the way till you reached the top, works for me most of the time except when server is lagging (nightmare).

But yeah, this mechanic could be better.


This bug is killing the fun for every players.
PvE, PvP, and RP players…
We all suffer from it and nobody gives a shit about their climbing animation change…

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There have been brief moments when it was fixed, most recently, when 3.0 dropped. But it was back in the next patch.

It’s, mostly, just annoying. A place where it is fatal is on Siptah in the one vault that requires climbing.

We know it can be fixed. They know it can be fixed. the issue is code control. There is precious little. Once fixed, devs are not working from confirmed code, but from their copies and so when a dev working on another issue or feature pushes their code live, the climbing bug is reintroduced.

It’s more than a bit annoying.


Legacy bug. One of many.
3 reasons it’s not solved.
Funcom has no idea what is causing it. Which I find hard to believe considering how common it is.
Funcom doesn’t know how to fix it. Which again I find hard to believe considering they should be pros at this by now.
Funcom’s only way to fix it is to completely remodel everything because of issues with the collision model. This would take more time{$} then building a new map from scratch.

This would also explain NPCs falling through the surface, and all those times you logged in with you and all your standing thralls waste deep in the floor. Model desync.

For me the push off not pull up got way worse when the character started equipping weapons as soon as their hands were free. And as much as I farm fragments, this gets real annoying real fast.

My opinion it’s not if Funcom can fix it, but if they want to expend the man hours fixing it.


Arguably one of the most frustrating bugs, next to thralls that get their weapons stuck in hand and won’t fight back unless they’re staggered… which the enemy completely ignores 90% of the time and you’re resorting to hiding behind your thrall hoping they get hit instead.

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True, at least the jhil vault is fixed, we can climb the cages correctly now! One thing more is that using the climbing gear i climb “better” now can you try it too, to confirm please! Congrats for the regular :+1:t6:!

This :point_up_2:

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Use a shield (as a tank). Just stand in front of your thrall. Watch what happens. Only works if your thrall gets aggro’d first.

Like others, I posted the bug about climbing. It does work to aim the camera over the head of your toon. It is not consistent, however.

It’s sad… it was working.


Good advice, however impractical for PvP. :headstone::cut_of_meat:

For a shining moment I could auto-climb and spin the camera around for scouting. Now I need to hold my spacebar down the whole time, just like it used to be.

The sentiment is here.

I already had the habit of holding down the climb button. I found out that sometimes your follower will get in the way of the climb and knock you off the wall.

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I always have a shield, so I could try this… however, my thrall does too, so even when hit, they shrug most off.

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