Let's talk about the new climbing animation of 2.4

I personnaly don’t like it at all , it feels sluggish …
I know that there is a new armor that can let you climb better and all , but honestly please climbing in this game and the way it provides you total exploration of your environment is one of the essential part of why this game feels so good to play , and now it feels nerfed because of the sigils and all siptah content that provides better climbing :confused:


The animation looks a bit more realistic than the current one. Aside from that nothing changed, it is the same climbing speed without armor or buffs. It is purely cosmetic.


Not a fan of the new climbing animation at all

It is slower and its janky as heck. Not like it at all and still not seen anyone ever ask for a new climbing animation change so why are they doing it when lots of stuff they could have fixed before a cosmetic climb animation but its like all the changes, I am not fond of them, I brought one game and get stuck with a worst broken game . I will be honest I would never have brought this game if it was the way it is today.

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I like it,
the vertical crawl we had was not really proper climbing


I like the new climbing animation. It looks more realistic.


I like all the changes made in 2.4 considering animations, movement and combat. It looks nicer and feels smooth during game play.

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Same here.

From what I saw in videos the new climbing animation looks a lot better, like actual climbing now. The previous animation that is currently on live always seemed very strange to me, kinda like Spiderman would climb a wall.

I do not criticize by any means the animation itself , just the speed change with heavy armor while climbing , the feeling i had out of it , but yes the “looks” of it is nicer than the live one . I just have problems with the “feel” compared to the actual one .

I find the new climbing animation very good, they sure are better than the original one.
Anyone else feels we are on our way to have weapons sheated showing on the character, with the new drawing animations and all?


The new climbing animation looks better in my opinion. It’s more immersive.

i work in cgi animation industry, and all i can say it’s that this is over animated, actual (old one) one is better. old one is spiderman look like , new one is planet of the apes, spiderman is more discreet. respect for animator that did it, just my feeling and feedback.


I Do not want to be the “one” again and again.

I only use heavy armor, i have build on Siptah relatively in the same spot, so i climb the same rock on each server(3 now active if we count testlive also). I have 30 points spend in grit and i Do not notice any difference between, how fast or slow, i have been climbing the named rock. I have to add that i use 95% of my stamina to finish the climb, so if it would have been a difference i would have noticed.

I did noticed something different though with this rework of the climbing animation, we are less Spiderman like. Before the change, i would have sprinted towards what i wanted to climb, Pre-Jump and Stick to the rock like in the movies…now, my character just bumbs his head into the rock :)))) makes is more real and makes escaping a bad pull a lot harder.

It is my Personal view concerning this rework, i Do not have anything against the players that dislike it, but i find this one to be a big plus from what we had before.

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The old animation was quite funny :sweat_smile: for me (hugging the wall) - without negative feelings. The new animation isn’t bad at all, it is definitely more realistic, just the character model twists a bit oddly.

I’m glad they paid some attention to the climbing system, I hope they won’t stop with the animation and will improve it more in the future. I have a positive feeling about this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would love to see an improvement in holding as the character still has a problem and drops every now and then for no reason. :hot_face:

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As far as climbing speed is concerned, appearance aside, it is just as fast as current live. it looks slower, but isn’t.
To test this, i logged into solo in normal and testlive. built a tower of walls on each, equipped the same armor in each and climbed the wall.
recorded a video of each then aligned the videos side by side from the moment i started the climb.
character in each video reached the top at the same time.


Completely agree, looks much more like climbing now.
Some people simply hate all and each changes, what ever. :joy:

Animation is nice, much better than before, don’t touch it !

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Seems the function of climbing is the same, just visually different. I was fine with it before and think the new one is probably more realistic. My son used to do a lot of free climbing, so I have some experience with how it should look. He wishes he could just jam his fingers and toes into solid rock faces though…

As to why this was added in when there are other things to fix? Some team members work on new content and some focus on big fixing. Some focus on adding visual polish to the game. Lots of different roles and expertise in a decent sized game studio. I for one do no want FC to bench part of their team, or spend time retraining them to work on other projects, just because there are still bugs that need fixing. Honestly, a good way to kill a company is to move everyone into roles of fixing old problems and have nobody in R&D or new product development.

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