New jumping animation

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Ontario]

Not so much a bug but feedback for the new jumping animation. It feels off. Mechanical. there’s no longer any momentum behind it, like there was before.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:


I love it.


its more the speed of the animation that is wrong than the animation itself.
Its arc and momentum/speed is incorrect. for it to be realistic/believable, it should have some sort of anticipation, slow its speed near the top of the arc, and increase its speed on the way down. It should have a little bit of squeeze/crush upon landing, and the touch down to the ground is a good method for indicating increased impact, but what comes before needs adjusting. It should not be the same speed through the whole jumping arc, like it is. This is what makes it feel mechanical and lifeless.


I hate it and it makes me lag


it sucks, its like ur doing a hurdle in the olympics


I think that now the mobility is not good . My character live in the jungle that was fun with jumping everywhere like a litle woodelf , now it begin that my little elf is become fat. It feels like that , i want my jumpy elf back :angry: :flushed: :weary:


What? This new jump feels much more agile and graceful than the old robocop one.

The jump is not high enough like it used to be. Its Just hopping

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Only thing that kinda irks me is that your character is right handed, but jumps off their right foot when doing a running jump. Right handed dominate people typically (though of course, not always) jump off the left foot. I’ll just accept my character wants to be unique and is practicing their left handed layups :laughing: Other then that seems cool to me.

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I like the new animation especially the landing “stumble forward” part. But I do feel the animation is a bit sluggish too. My suggestion is that the beginning of the animation should be faster. It feels a bit floaty?
The mid part when airborne is fine, it should feel floaty but the start should be faster, more like a quick launch action. Same animation just 30% to 40% faster.

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For me the animation is just to slow, as if in slow-motion.

And my avatar always jumps off the right foot, no matter which foot was on the ground before.
My ladyfriend, who is an artist, had her footnails roll up when she saw this, according to her there should be two animations depending on which foot was on the ground when the jump starts


There should actually be 3 start animations -
1 for walking or standstill. a prep, of slight bend of knees, or crouch prior to lift off.
2 for running/sprinting - depending on which foot is forward at time of running, the other should be lifting first.
lift off should then move into a general “airborne” pose, then the landing.

The speed is what is really off. the poses themselves are “ok” (could be better, as mentioned above and by other posters)

The floaty feel of the slow motion jump especially mismatches the heavy landing that prompts the stumble forward.

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Agreed, I dislike it too. The new animation starts from a near standing position. The character doesn’t lower to ‘load the springs’ before jumping, so to speak. And, it IS REALLY slow

I agree, but unfortunately I dont know how to do it better.

It “feels” like 90% being start and stop of the jump, with almost no “falling” animation.
IMO the falling animation should eat up at least 50 and up to 95% of the duration.

I like the animation itself, but it feels… more unreal that it should.

the new animation seems choppy and out of place, plus I find now when I jump off cliffs to then grab there is much more delay now going from jump to grab.


This animation really gimps double jump agility builds. Fix this please.

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I dropped dead several times now, can’t climb ridges anymore.

when i called it to take care on my server they said it was called on testlive as a bug, they still impleid it to live it seems.

now i cant climb in my base (over an edge)lol and sliding has become like trowing a dice.


have to say, I also hate it! It’s weird and floaty.

the Old mechanic felt much more fluid with the movement. The new one also only looks right when you jump across flat surface, makes no sense when you jump up, down or against a wall

I love the rest of the update but please please please just remove this new jump animation and reinstate the old.

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The old animation is a draft, they just gotta tweak this new one, thats all, the game became much more beautiful when you jump from obstacles. But it needs tweaking so we dont have lag.

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I am lagging too, even in PvP/Combat, so now it’s like I really can’t play the game for the reason I do. You cant compete at a top level.