This patch has some minor issues

There, I revised this thread because some people got butt-hurt over a little ribbing of the minor issues with the patch and flagged it. (I don’t think I have to mention what they are again…people know)
Flag this one too for all I care. Some of you need to go buy a helmet and pads so you don’t get too beat up by life. Whoever flagged the last one takes stuff waaay too seriously.


Have already died from the lag of falling animation

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They seem to listen to a minority of whiners and idea fairies instead of asking for player majority input. The new jump animation is IMHO, rather dumb. I prefer the original.

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You say “whiners”, yet you’re crying because they polish animations, im sorry but your taste sucks, the “original” jump was just a draft from EA, now we got a real jump.

Its impossible to please everyone indeed, ppl always will complain about something.


Apology accepted but opinion rejected.

I suppose if it were faster than this ‘moon jump’ we got it would be better. But why worry changing animation when there are such bigger needs. I didn’t catch this one on the issue tracker priority.

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I saw the epic hero landing, Devs…

Not to derail the troll but yea, I saw it.

According to Oscar, its “Matrix landing” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Quite correct. I don’t have a problem with the animation at all. It’s just too slow and sometimes, on flat ground, if you jump, the character lands on all fours. I think it’s just kinda silly.
But overall it’s the lag that’s really aggravating. They had it running fairly smooth…input patch and it’s laggy again. I’d normally agree about it being the number of people on the server, but there were just two of us in at the time.
This game is just weird all around. I’ve seen so many mixed reports of it working great for some people and not for others…many with similar specs. Doesn’t make sense.

Animation artists are not C++ coders (I assume the problems you refer to are code related). Totally completely different school of game development. You can like or dislike the new animations, but totally different job skills.

CE animations are the best.

BTW… a tiny bit of a tangent but… That Katana “blood swipe” after the finisher is so danm badass… It’s actually a thing in Japanese sword combat to flick the blood off the blade through momentum alone. (I know… I sound like such a weeb right now, but I can’t help it. My avatar probably doesn’t help.)

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