V 1.49 new animation bugs

PS4 Offline Singleplayer

Finished download on 1.49, noticed the new movement animations and idle animations immediately. I hate to say it but they do not feel like they have improved immersion at all. The animation where the player comes to a stop after running or walking looks bad, (the legs continue to take steps after the character model has come to a full stop). The idle animations look fine, but the player audio addition ruins the immersion when you notice that the mouth or facial features do not move. Biggest concern is that after a few seconds of idleness, the character model levitates upwards so the legs are straight, regardless of the terrain or incline you are standing on. These are big immersion buzz kills, and obviously things like this are considered since multiple emotes have been edited for better immersion. (Example: sleeping emote now closes eyes).
Hope this is helpful, thanks for any continued fixes

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Hello @Motorhead44, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us!

We’ll be sure to relay your feedback to the developers.

Played again and noticed this time the legs, knees, and feet did not even contort to the uneven terrain I was standing on. Basically looked like the character model was floating in the air with 1 heel actually touching the ground. I exited the application and reloaded, this fixed that problem. However, the contortion only lasted a few seconds before the character model sprung upwards so the knees and legs were completely straight, as if I was standing on a completely flat surface. Again the same as I stated in my first post.

Thank you for sharing further feedback, the team will be looking into this matter and how to further improve the new animations.

As far as the new animation that plays when you come to a stop, It seems like it should only play when you stop sprinting or jogging, imo. It feels and looks very strange when you tap the stick to take a step or change the direction you are facing and the animation plays out and looks like you were just running. Obviously this is not a bug, only an observation and suggestion.

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