My new Star Metal Ore farming spot!

Just wanted to share my new Star Metal Ore farming spot on Exile Lands, in case you are still at the usually too crowded spot by the Snow Giants (where I spent all these years before this new spot).

Good hunting!


This one saw the stone floors and worries you would catch cold…

Does anyone else remember when stone building would cool you and wood building kept you warm?


I’ve only eve gotten star metal from the mountain. It’s a nice place.

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I remember those days! Testing different blocks and lights, sleeping naked or close to a fireplace.
I guess you placed the fireplace, thank you!


Yesterday I got 2 meteors, then a couple of hours later another 2 meteors :slight_smile: It’s a good spot, even though sometimes the meteors fall into the mountains and I have to build small scaffolding to get them.


For those on cliff sides you can usually break the shell then climb to and stand on the meteor core to harvest it. No scaffolding needed.

Course you’re going to fall once it’s completely harvested but you can just catch the side of the cliff and slide down.

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