Flame Arrows & Explosives & Star Metal Ore


Can flame arrows be used to ignite the Explosive Jars?

I was able to mine Star Metal ore a few times, but lately I have not been able to destroy the outer shell to access the star metal ore.

I have used up to 6 explosive jars and not even put a dent in the outer shell, while the very first time I used the explosive it only took 1 explosive jar to reveal the star metal ore.

Interacting with the Explosive Jar using the X button causes the jar to tumble and roll away from the meteorite and was hoping that flame arrows might be a better option.

Is anyone else having problems using explosives on meteorites to access the star metal ore?

Yes they can, but don’t quote me on this next part but I believe I’ve read that explosive jars don’t work on meteors as good as they should, which is why most people use grease orbs + demon-fire orbs to crack them open. Much cheaper material-wise as well.

Unless you suck at throwing orbs like I do, you should need around 5 grease orbs and 1 demon-fire to get to the chewy middle. XD

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I only put 10 into ACC since the bow is so weak so my aim is not that great with the orbs.

Believe it or not, for me gather the resources for Demon Fire Orbs is harder than for the Explosive Jars.

I have plenty of resources for explosive jars that I had stockpiled over a period of time. It irks me that the jar jumps around like a damn Mexican Jumping Bean before it explodes when you interact with it.

I will try the flame arrows later today.

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Honestly, I only use Demon-Fire Orbs. 2 that hit are usually enough to crack it open.

But some Meteors seem to be bugged and won’t crack no matter what I do. Even if I add normal Explosives or Grease Orbs to the mix, no chance.

That might actually explain why I suck so much at throwing them, because I have 0 in ACC. lol

Demon-fire orbs shouldn’t be that bad, just run down to the very southern border of the starting area and kill the random red imp. If you’re on official, that should be at least 1 volatile gland per kill. Just farm them, stockpile them, then craft them. Star metal is kind of worthless for the most part, so if you’re actively farming for glands, after awhile you should have enough orbs to crack open a few meteors when you’re up north.

Also make sure you loot every npc you kill, because many of them drop orbs and volatile glands. It’s not a common drop, but as long as you’re looting, you’ll have more than you realize soon enough. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting you say that you have plenty of mats for explosive jars, because I never felt those were worth crafting. lol To each their own. :smiley:

I prefer to use the grease, because I’m a huge miser and volatile glands are harder to come by than the mats for grease orbs. XD

I’ve had that happen to me a few times, it drove me nuts. I was stubborn one day and used 16 demon-fire orbs and over 20 grease orbs, and the damn thing didn’t break open. >_<

It only used to take me 1 to 3 explosive jars to open meteorites. The last two or three that I tried to open, I used between 4 to 6 with explosive jars and it did not even show any signs of starting to crack. One showed signs it was starting to crack open, but never did.

The Salamanders in the area between Bay of Hulks, The Crevice, Dagon’s Eye and Wreck of the Wagtail give a good amount of Glands.
Last time I walked home with something like 170 Glands IIRC

I have at least 1 or 2 nodes “per run” that behave like that…it’s really annoying


I run a private server set on Purist mode x1 to everything (as the games was meant to be played), but I have a clan that works together to harvest items therefore we have a good stockpile or can quickly stockpile most items. Since the volatile glands are actually harder to come across we rarely use demon fire orbs. We do have a stockpile of glands. Due to accuracy issues, we do not waste our time with demon fire orbs unless we are above a boss such as a giant spider.

Ooooo, thank you for that, if I ever play the game again I’ll definitely give that a visit. :smiley: That way I don’t have to farm red imps. lol

Aaaahhh, that makes sense. I usually only have my wife in my clan, but she rarely plays, so I’m mostly the one that does everything. lol

That is where we have been getting most of our glands. I might have to try switching tactics and give is a shot.

I will carry the raw ingredients to the north since the orbs weighs so freaking much and kill our encumbrance.

It is funny because each person in our clan happens to like pursuing something different so it works out well. One likes hunting thralls, which I really do not like to do as much. While I am the FISHMONGER of the clan. Due to my numerous fish farms, we have chests full of oil and ichor. Just one of our locations have more than 5000 cooked lobster.

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That’s how I am. I love capturing thralls, in fact, I usually capture so many that I have chests and chests full of them. I always try to be the slaver on the servers I’ve played on, having something available for someone if they can’t find what they’re looking for. I’m VERY specific about dancers as well. If someone said they wanted a dancer of a certain race with a certain hairstyle, if rng-esus was on my side, I probably had the “flavor” they were looking for. lol

Any arrows will ignite explosive jars on hit. Bone through Dragonbone Arrows.

I tried snake arrows and they did not set off the explosive jar.

My server recently wiped everything, so the night before we did we decided to have a fun event and blow up everyone’s bases. lol

My wife built a giant glass tower and I used admin controls to give her a bunch of explosive jars to place around the base of it. I tried jumping over one and it blew up on me. lol

So if that caused it to blow up, I’m surprised set arrows didn’t work. o_O

I shot about 6 snake arrows and hit the jar each time, but nothing happened. That is why I thought maybe the arrows no longer cause them to explode.

You could always jump on them like I did. :wink: lol

LOL - That is what the “slaver” in our clan does. I set up a four-man and eight-man wheel (near the den) and they are always full. I also set an eight-man wheel up near New Asagard. I had to put 4 chests next to them to hold all of the broken thralls.