Grease orbs damage vs vaults

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [NA]

ISSUEE: grease orbs vs vaults damage is reduced a lot not sure if this was in intended or this is a bug. But using a grease orbs vs a T3 door unlocked can down within a few mins. Vs a vault it takes a few hours if you are the only one damaging the vault. Now when I stacked 15 orbs on a vault it was only taking less then 100 a second. Vs any door it takes a lot more where I can down a door 3-4 mins roughly never timed. If this was intentional for the vault to have a resistance to the grease-fire orb combo can you confirm? Sorry if you guys confirmed this already. If it is intended no worries cause I don’t mind farming for explosive jars I can usually fill up a vault a week with bombs when needed

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Throw grease orb and a fire order and watch the damage tick

Vaults were busted resistance to cata and grease orbs. Vaults were intended to be busted with explosive.

Cool cool. Another question, have you noticed that vaults will regenerate health if you go back to it the next day? Also the burn damage from vaults only works if its in top of the vaults?

I have never seen them regin life. Maybe someone repaired them.