Orbs no use against Vaults

As of todays patch on Testive you are no longer able to use Orbs against Vaults. What else can you no longer use Orbs on anyone?

I concur orbs don’t work also Trebs don’t work either im finding.

Weapons work ok but I don’t have 6 hrs to bash a vault with my sword.

Anyone tried bombs yet?

exactly but the most important Thing is that “it is possible” :slight_smile:

You can’t equip and throw them or they do no damage?

LOL at finding someone trying to hack your vault down and letting them continue…

Xbox live orbs don’t do any damage to vaults but does against doors

I think it’s good thing orbs way to cheap to burn 600k hp down quickly.

And Vaults way too spam-able and cheap to make as well. If it’s going to take 6 hrs to melee a Vault to pieces when there could literally be quite a few dropped in hours then how is this at all a compromise and fair?

Make them use harden steel then be less spamable