Do orbs work anymore?

I use to hear you could do alot with orbs and they were viable to raid with. I know it been changed. Does anyone use them anymore?. I use them for starmetal when i first join a server but thats about it. How do they work now?

You cannot efficiently use them to raid anymore because you can’t stack the area of effect the orb produces.

You can still use them to raid if you’re very very patient.

They server a purpose, albeit narrow one.

1 orb will work on star metal meteors to crack them open.

Using a couple orbs, patiently, they are cost effective for breaking into tier 1 shacks in early game.

Aside from that, nah, not really. But since the glands drop frequently enough I always save them and put them to use on occasion. Who doesn’t like free stuff right?

Well, I would only use orbs for T1 :smiley:

Do orbs still go threw god bubbles or no?

We still use them for cracking meteors.
Since we have cupboards full.

Yeah, I guess that would still make sense.

Tar and demon orbs from drops/chests go straight to dismantle for the water orbs. Saves me some on crystal and ichor lol.
I don’t craft them. Only craft poison orbs for my OP poison (Against all pets) arrows.

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I have a chest for the orbs that I collect next to the carpenter :wink: exactly for the same reason. Now my dear friend @xavier_pjg believe that since the day I started to play this game, orbs was an early way to have the power of explosion in the game and arrows was the late game way, that it is more accurate and affective. So, orbs, early game low tier constructions, arrows, late game high tier constructions :wink:.

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