Funcom PLEASE listen (The 25.000 hp on doors)

Please do NOT lower the door hp from 50.000 to 25.000hp. Its WAY to easy to break in, even if you have 20 doors. And at the moment, on my server #1307, there is russian glitchers building bases in the mesh where you are NOT supposed to be building.

What you do now, when lovering the HP of doors to 25.000 is letting these douche’s in to legit players, getting away with the legit players loot and hiding it in the unraidable bases inside the textures. And lets be honest; Funcom fixing this bug has gone on for far to long and will continue as the patches are slow.

Please listen to a player with 700 (yes 700) played hours. YOU.ARE.GONNA.RUIN.IT!

25.000 hp = 3 explosive jars per door. The counter this people will just have to build insane door-mazes in their own base which leads them to having to close 100 doors before logging of and opening 100 doors when logging in.


  • I cant stress this enough

i agree to a point. Maybe they should raise the other HP for foundations instead. 200,000 hp. This would make doors the target, as they should be in siege situations, and not make offline raiding even less expensive.


I already have 25 doors trying to keep the damn cheaters out. Which as you say try to offline-raid me and then take my stuff back to a place where i cant get it back. Now im gonna need 50. Which is a freaking pain in the ■■■ to open and close each time i log off and on.

Doors should be the oposite. Where you can UPGRADE its HP and be happy with one door which you spent a ****load of mats on and now have 500.000 hp.

Please Funcom. Don’t screw us over with this change


The problem here is, you can never please all players. If the doors are too easy to break, people complain that their bases are too easy to raid. If the doors are too hard to break, people complain that other people’s bases are too hard to raid.

Doors are natural weak points in any building. They should be the vulnerabilities in PVP bases. How vulnerable they need to be is a matter of taste.

That said, no door should keep a dedicated raid outside. That would defeat the entire purpose of raiding if you could just build an impenetrable fortress and then sit back and enjoy your enemies get frustrated. The main defense of your base should be you and your allies, not your door.


the actual 50k hp door was a good balance, 4000 hours of play on my side.

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Yeah. So many things thats needs fixing. Don’t fix whats not broken :confused:

agreed. i don’t know what spurred the 25000 hp door. It does nothing about lollipop bases. It doesn’t do anything about purely offline raiders. It only makes tower building on pillars the ONLY way to build. Before, you could chance a cliff base if you put the door in the right places, maybe an island base out in the jungle etc. Now its Conan Cloud City i guess. And good luck getting on a low pop server, where the clans on there have all the lollipop spots. This literally will discourage new players even more if they can’t build anywhere semi safe.

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I do not support this change neither. 3 bombs its just too easy. But i do not have all the info. Is it just hatches and doors? Or gates and draw bridges too?

What if it was 30-35k but each use reduced the durability of the door instead?

IT wouldn’t be so bad if once inside, they couldn’t wipe all my stations out so easily. Up the crafting station HP 5x and the large chest to 100,000 HP and the Vaults to 300,000 HP. yeah you got in, now figure out which chest/vault has my loot. Maybe i will log in to your offline raid, and get some slicing done while you try and get in the loot and take out my stations.

I don’t mind HP’s going down as long as resource costs go down as well. There has always been a vast imbalance between resourses spent on building vs resourses spent on raiding.


Never realised that a reduction in door hp was planned. Have to say that I disagree with it completely. Doors are already the weak point and if you reduce the health further, I’ll have to replace them all with foundations or walls every time I log off.

Omg, DO lower it. Building HP is insanely high. Imo you should build smart to prevent raiding not just spam black ice trash. Build high up with a bubble. Make no mistake. If you build on the ground you should absolutely be raisable with less effort than it is now.

Well not so hard to build without a door. What’s the problem?

You mean raiding is around 100x as expensive as building? One explosive jar equals at least 50 steel. You need 9 min. To break one t3 foundation. The cost of that foundation is nothing compared to 9 jars.

If it was a solitary foundation in the middle of nowhere then your argument would make sense. However, in general you only need to destroy a small percentage of the base in order to steal the goodies inside. And don’t forget that each explosive can damage multiple foundations/ chests/etc.

Re: taking 9 minutes to destroy a foundation. You can detonate multiple bombs at once to speed up the process.

i had a base of 6 layers foudnation T3 + reinforced foundations on all side opened in exactly 20 mn by a clan, where are you playing guy ? i can do as solo player 150 bomb a day. a base is not a matter of building 1 foundation but to build hundred of foundations, wall, renforcement, door. And that is not a matter of 1 day farming but at least 7-10 days.

so actually its going faster to do explosive than base, i understand that you like easy raiding, but personnaly i prefer balanced gameplay.

and it will be a shame in term of game play do not give other choice then to build a base on top of a pillar protected by bubble.

I meant minimum. I understand that you don’t have to destroy a whole base, but still the raiding costs equal the ones of building that base or are even higher.
I think they should drastically reduce building HP and give other protective measures instead that you can use to make it harder to attack your base in the first place.

Right now the high building HP and low cost building inspires griefing with T3 buildings. Farmbases litter NPC camp surroundings and no one even bothers breaking in, because raiding is so expensive.

That’s just wrong. If you can farm the steel fire for 150 jars you can EASILY build a monolithic base of black ice with that.

I really think bases on the ground should be easy to raid btw. If you can place jars next to walls you should get punished for building careless imo. Big forts with walls are for PvE and I dislike that funcom attempts to make them more lasting in PvP by just making buildings tankier.

Im gonna need to just a wipe any medium big clan as soon as possible as a preemtive strike as they now will be able to easily get into my base. This will result in killing the servers as there will be too much pvp. Attack is already the strongest defence. Don’t make it mandatory.