Doors and Doorways with 25.000 HP & The upcomming criss-cross-building-patch-nerf

Hello all. Hello Funcom.

When you lovered the HP on doors and doorways from 50.000 to 25.000 you basicly made everybody start building pillarbases.

When crosscross-building was discovered, that allowed you to have 3 (or more) doors on each foundation, we found a workaround for our ground bases. Even though this sucked bigtime, because we had to have double the doors, it atleast worked to keep intruders out at some level.

With the removal of the criss-cross-building now, you really REALLY need to put the doors and doorways back to 50.000 HP. PLEASE. Im so sick of pillar bases and elevators that u remove before u log out.

One door with 25.000 HP takes 2 bombs + gas arrow + 1 ex arrow + gas arrow. Basicly two bombs in short. This is WAY TO EASY. Please throw us ground-base-builders a bone here. Put the doors back to what they used to be.


Well…It’s to easy. Thats the problem. It has been like that the most of the time. Since you could stack oil orbs to when they halvfed the HP on doors. You can get in, anywhere, in matter of minutes. And with raid times beeing 6 hours that sucks #OfflinerRaiding.

When 40 bombs, which takes me an hour to farm, gets me into any base, thats sux. Espeically when that takes me about 5 minutes


Due to the offline raiding there will never really be a balanced HP for anything. That is why i still feel that we had some of the best raiding done when you could not tag the id of a base. This required research along with scouting to even attack a base, and actually removed all the pseudo politics and personal butthurts that comes with the current set up. I would like to remove the player list in general, but i know for PC, it would not work due to battlenet ( i think that was it) showing who was logged in. The game should be played by scouting, tagging, and raiding. Not checking a log, then checking a base here and there with hammer, then verifying players online to do a raid.


Why not place a door, leave some space, then place another door?

That is a great idea

Because then i will have to manually put 40 doors on STAY THE FREK OPEN each 24hours instead of 20 when i leave my base. As all doors reset at server restard…still (thanks funcom)

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