Stronger doors for balance!

Hello everyone,

This is a small suggestion but one that might help avoid the base cubes with insane amounts of doors!
People have a habit of protection there base by making a labyrinth of doors or having to do this.

My suggestion is to make doors get bonus hp depending on how big the base is and then dividing the hp bonus with the amount of doors you have in the base.

The only thing that i have not yet figured out is how to prevent the hp bonus form redistributing when one door is destroyed :rofl:

Maybe people have some good solutions for that problem?

What do you guys think about this idea or do you have a better alternative?


I think doors are fine the way they are. Doors should be used as funnel points so you can build defenses for that area. Even if doors get a buff people are still going to build box bases, most people are just bad at building. Besides if doors got stronger then foundations would have to get stronger, because it doesn’t make sense that you would try to blow up the foundation before the door.

The best solution I can think of is making explosives even heavier so you can’t effectively carry as much.


That makes a lot of sense :smiley:

They would have to Nerf the carry stat build first tho. Maybe they need to set a max of 200% wight carry.

Considering if you spot someone who is over encumbered they are easy targets. And if you have enough players, or thralls, killing/noticing over encumbered players becomes super easy.

I’m defending carry weight because gathering and raiding would be way harder if you couldn’t move past 100%.