Please can we please ! Get more defenses for bases

Can we please get more defenses for bases so we don’t have to always build high up or build lolipop bases ? It’s sad to only see bases high up but never on the ground because of the superior defense of being up high.


Well unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything that can really be done in a PvP setting to encourage fewer “lolipop” bases. That’s just kind of the nature of PvP base building. Even in the historical context, there’s a reason castles and fortresses were mostly built on high ground or in cliffs and mountains. The idea of a square castle with four towers and a keep sitting in the middle of a big open and flat field is generally fantasy world thing I’m afraid.

They can add more defensive structures. I just don’t think it will get the results you’re hoping for.

I think the lollipops are mostly a result of doors being the weak point of any properly built base. Trap/break away elevators and anti climb shore up this weak point better than most ground designs that I am aware of. I’d love to see more ground bases with trebs being favored over jars, but that would take a lot of reworks to systems.

Make bombs 3 times more expensive and dangerous to carry them or the materials to make them on the spot. Doors need to able to reinforced to be stronger than walls obviously. Elevators need to be lockable. Trebs need to ignore landclaim and have the same limits on building spacing as temples.

There are ways to build a strong base on the ground in PvP but you have to build big and is pretty expensive to build.

You can build a huge base with a “moat” around it with fences, when someone wants to raid they have to deal with your trap first.

But economical almost impossible and still easier to break than a high lollipop base, I love the name lollipop base haha

Maybe spiked traps in the ground? But I imagine people using this around there lollipops as well… so…

Flying enemies and climbing ropes being introduced would go a long way to helping this gap in raid risk. I would also help to be build a more positional treb they are designs that allow for more vertical attacks or at least more upward angles and pitches. Being able to send undead minions (we can make them) to climb up and attack the base would help too as they do not get tired and fences would not hurt them (not flesh to pierce .

Mitra being able to lift and throw rocks and earth as well a punch attack could help too. Why again can Set a snake after climb a vertical rock ?? Ballista would help too and allow even farther distance achievable if you could attach climbing rope to the bolt being shot. This is all off the top of my head I am sure there even more solutions to this issue.

So long as there is no limit to what people can build, spam is always the solution. Doors weak? More doors. Walls weak? More walls. I’m not sure how Funcom can ever balance sieging without controlling the build conditions for players. Which is nothing but bad for PvE players.

This is why Private PVP servers are probably the ideal way to play the game, where admins act as self control for others. Unfortunately that requires responsible and active admins.

Doesn’t explosions go through multiple walls?

This depends a lot on how you build. “Honey combing” or at least our version of it does its best to force you have to blow through as many layers as possible. Bombs do have splash damage, but to my knowledge don’t do damage through objects. Meaning in the simplest form if you had two foundations back to back you would have to blow through one to damage the other. This principle is what makes “honey combing” meta.

oldcraig’s videos do a great job of describing this

I think the solution is remove some of the benefit to over building or need for it. It has already been discussed issues with foundation spam and one solution still is make this not as effective. Make gods and trebs build and summonable and not limited by land claim. Make doors and windows reinforceable as well as gates and ceilings. Make fences attachable to any building piece with the right dimensions (big enough) .

Have a setting (turned on by default and on on officials) that requires upkeep on buildings based on amount of blocks and exposure to the outside surface area. Have thralls again have to be provided food and with the added need for water as well or the die and have the same go for pets and mounts. Make building pieces be buffed again on HP to make overbuilding not as necessary to simply protect the precious small area on the inside of the spam. MAKE BOMBS MORE EXPENSIVE, HEAVIER, and NOT BE HANDCRAFTABLE and MORE DANGEROUS TO USE ( need to be lit carefully to prevent the bomb from simply going off in your face, etc, etc.) .

More ideas available if needed.

People at least on pv

Honey combing should never have been allowed or needed. Kinetics needed to be more realistic on explosive power.

But the video shows old building tricks, this shouldn’t be possible anymore.
You can only stack fence foundations after each other (pretty close), but do mind this cost way more resources and should in fact defend better against threats.

This is logical. Stronger builds cost more, so it will cost more to break.

While it rewards building knowledge I kind of agree. It just reinforces the weaknesses of doors. It should discourage spam (by giving players the ability to build walls just as strong as spam but smaller) but it does not.

I personally really like the idea of upkeep costs and think food for pets/thralls was a good idea.

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Yes lots of methods of honeycomb are obsolete now. There are new methods now and they evolve over time. The video was proof that bombs don’t do damage through objects. In its simplest form you can place a foundation, surround it with fence foundations, delete the foundation, and fill in the space with as many pillars as you can. That’s the same principle at work.

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Smaller and better and hopefully better or able to camouflage buildings allow for other tactics of defense. Why can’t we add metal or other magical means of protecting the outside of builidngs.

Ahh gotcha, yeah the explosions should do a true damage area of effect, not just the pieces that are connected.

Agreed, this game treats explosives as shaped charges not as the unrefined devices they are in this game. Shockwave does not behave as it does in this game, though in all fairness we don’t have many of the metals or other materials we have access too in this world.

I agree. While tricky building techniques are fun it just needlessly complicates the balance behind sieging/defending bases. True damage from bombs would go a long way in nerfing honey comb, spam, and door stacking.

Some techniques for building would be incredibly inefficient to say the least. Building then destroying just to rebuild it again to get it be more effective ??

I think some more active defenses would make the game more interesting than just adding layers of walls. Thrall-operated siege cauldrons and arbalests or ballistae to put the hurt into attackers, rather than simply trying to survive long enough for the attacker to run out of bombs.

“A general must act decisively in battle. He who stands on the defensive does not conduct war, he endures it.” - Supreme Kommandant Irusk, Warmachine: Legends (2008)