Suggestion: Remove Elevators from the game

It’s the elevator that makes the lollypop apex bubble base possible. It’s the elevator which makes gods need to be so powerful, it’s the elevator which makes the ground level gods useless, it’s the elevator which makes bombs have to be so powerful and cheap to keep up with gods.

Any raid mechanic which can deal with lollypop apex bubble bases can obliterate any ground level castles or cave forts. My contention is that as long as the elevator is in the game raiding will need to be balanced for the lollypop apex bubble base and castles and forts will be obsolete raid targets.

Also, anybody know of a mod which removes the elevator feat and if there are any servers which use it?

I think removing the elevator is a bit harsh. But maybe it needs to be a permanent structure like a foundation and can’t be removed, only destroyed. It is cheap to make (maybe make tiers for height/length be more expensive). Yes, placing is/can be hard. But tbh, it is only hard if your are trying to cheese the placement.

Thats a fair point.

In general, the whole “Return all to inventory” should be removed completely, and only be allowed for the first X minutes after initial placement.

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